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Diag / Service Menu; Accessing The Service Menu - Sharp SL-C1000 Quick Start Manual

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Diag / service menu

Like all Zauri, the SL-C1000 / SL-C3000 / 3100 series has a diagnostic mode, too.
Normally, that mode is not necessary, but for the sake of completeness, the diagnose
functions are explained here.
Attention :
It is possible to delete the Flash ROM of the Zaurus completely in the service menu
(NAND FLASH FULL ERASE). Also for the SL-C3000 / 3100 you're able to format the
harddisk. The Zaurus would be transformed into a noble paperweight, without any
function, if this was done. The warranty would become invalid and the device would
possibly be a total loss.
Once again, Attention:
Apart from the key combination "DM", explained later, there exists another combinations
"D+" which causes a reaction by the Zaurus. There are no exciting functions to discover,
besides from operating modes you do not really want (except for the Command-line, see
page 31). .

Accessing the service menu:

Set the battery switch to "Offen" and wait a couple of seconds. Connect the Zaurus to a
power source (USB cable or power supply), hold down the keys "D" and "M" and switch
back to "Betrieb".
Here upon, the Zaurus shows the first page of the service menu in the format portrait:
Page 30
SL-C1000/3000/3100 Quickstart
Navigation within the menu is possible with
the stylus, the arrow keys or the scroll
A function is selected by "OK" and getting
back from anywhere is accomplished by
pressing "Cancel".
Note: If the above mentioned method won't
work for you, please try the following:
Remove the battery and all power sources
from the device and wait appr. 30 seconds.
Then press and hold the "D" + "M" keys,
plug in the power supply and switch the
battery switch to the "Betrieb" position
SHARP SL-C1000/3000/3100


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