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Honeywell HRDP H.264 Rev B User Manual

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HRDP H.264 Rev B
Digital Recording and Transmission System
User Guide
Document 800-06801 Rev F


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   Summary of Contents for Honeywell HRDP H.264 Rev B

  • Page 1 HRDP H.264 Rev B Digital Recording and Transmission System User Guide ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 2 ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 3 HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Revisions Issue Date Revisions 05/10 Initial Release 06/10 Updated Content 09/10 Updated Content 02/11 Added HRDPX H.264 11/11 Dual Login & 1-Day Delete 02/13 Updated Content ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 5: Warnings And Safeguards

    Users of the product are responsible for checking and complying with all federal, state, and local laws and statutes concerning the monitoring and recording of video and audio signals. Honeywell video systems shall not be held responsible for the use of this product in violation of current laws and statutes.
  • Page 6: Important Safeguards

    Object and Liquid Entry Points – Never insert foreign objects into the DVR, other than the media types approved by Honeywell, as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short-out parts that could result in a fire or electrical shock. Never spill liquid of any kind on the product.
  • Page 7 Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Replacement Parts – When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts specified by Honeywell. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock or other hazards.
  • Page 8: Notes On Handling

    Please retain the original shipping carton and/or packing materials supplied with this product. To ensure the integrity of this product when shipping or moving, repackage the unit as it was originally received from Honeywell. Do not use volatile liquids, such as aerosol spray, near this product. Do not leave rubber or plastic objects in contact with this product for long periods of time.
  • Page 9: Notes On Moisture Condensation

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Notes on Moisture Condensation Moisture condensation could damage the DVR. Read the following information carefully. Moisture condensation might occur under the following circumstances: • When this product is brought directly from a cool location to a warm location.
  • Page 10 Warnings and Safeguards Safety Instructions – Rack Mount A) Elevated Operating Ambient – If installed in a closed or multi-unit rack assembly, the operating ambient temperature of the rack environment may be greater than room ambient. Therefore, consideration should be given to installing the equipment in an environment compatible with the maximum ambient temperature (Tma) specified by the manufacturer.
  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Contents 1 Warnings and Safeguards ......................... 5 2 Contents ............................11 3 Introduction ............................16 Product Description ......................16 Features .......................... 17 USB Flash Drive Approved List ..................18 PTZ Compatibility List ..................... 19 Quick Start Instructions ....................
  • Page 12 Contents Setup Menus........................28 Setup Wizard ........................29 System ..........................30 System Configuration ....................30 Upgrade Firmware ....................31 Disk Configuration ....................32 Format ......................32 Overwrite ......................33 Check ....................... 33 Auto Data Deletion ................... 34 Auto Delete Video ..................... 34 SMART Check ....................
  • Page 13 HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide 6 Operation ............................62 Login ..........................62 Default Administrator Log In ..................62 Live Display Mode ......................63 Channel Selection ....................63 Icons ........................64 Mouse-Over Menu ....................65 Popup Menu ......................66 No Signal .........................
  • Page 14 Contents Access Remote Connection ................... 80 Connecting Multiple DVRs ..................80 Using the Remote Software .................... 81 Setting the Time and Date ..................81 Live View Screen ..................... 82 Camera View ....................83 Screen Division Buttons ................... 84 Setup Overview ....................... 84 Search Overview ......................
  • Page 15 HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide DVR FAQ ........................102 General ........................102 Live Monitoring ...................... 102 Recording ......................103 Searching and Playing Video ................103 Backup ........................103 Network ......................... 103 Miscellaneous ......................103 Troubleshooting......................104 Specifications (HRDP H.264 Rev B)................105...
  • Page 16: Introduction

    Introduction Introduction Product Description Honeywell’s HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR is a powerful, yet affordable, video management solution designed for easy installation and operation. Preconfigured for continuous recording, with no additional setup required, the DVR offers quick search, setup, and backup features.
  • Page 17: Features

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Features The HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR includes the following features: • 4/8/16 Composite Video Input Connectors • 4/8/16 Looping Video Outputs • Compatible with Color (NTSC or PAL) and B&W Video Sources •...
  • Page 18: Usb Flash Drive Approved List

    Traveler Kingston Note The USB ports on the HRDP H.264 Rev B only provide enough power for a flash based external device. To use an external hard disk drive (HDD), then you must use external power or a USB Y cable to provide sufficient power.
  • Page 19: Ptz Compatibility List

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide PTZ Compatibility List The Honeywell DVRs support a wide selection of PTZ camera protocols: Honeywell MAXPRO OpenEye – Pelco D Honeywell VCL ORX-1000 Honeywell (GC- Pelco-D 655P) Pelco-P Honeywell (HSD- PTC-400C 250) RS-485 DIRECT...
  • Page 20: Quick Start Instructions

    Introduction Quick Start Instructions Turn on the DVR. See the Turning on the DVR section for more details. Log in -- Use the number buttons to enter the password when prompted – The default password is <none> – Press ENTER. Complete System Configuration to set up the date, time and system ID.
  • Page 21: Installation

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Installation Front Panel Controls Backup Menu Search Mode DVD Drive Arrow Buttons Numeric Keypad Instant Record LED Lights USB Port • Power Live Display • HDD • Record Rotate • Network • HDD Temp.
  • Page 22: Rear Panel Connectors

    Installation Rear Panel Connectors The rear panel of the DVR contains virtually all of the connectors you will be using. The diagram below shows the location and description of each connector. HRDP 16 Channel Video In Ports PTZ Connection Video Out Ports Sensor Input Relay Output Audio Input...
  • Page 23: Channel

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide 8 Channel Video Out Ports PTZ Connection Relay Output Audio Input Cable Sensor Input NTSC/PAL switch Connection Video In Ports RS-232 Input Power Input Audio Output Network Port USB Port Primary and Spot...
  • Page 24: Remote Control

    Installation Remote Control Record Toggle ID Select* Log Off (Lock) ZOOM FOCUS IRIS PRESE T PTZ Controls Pause Play REPL AY Rewind Fast Forward  Arrow  Arrow / Panorama  Arrow ENTER EXI T Display Options ROTATE ALARM *The ID Select button allows you to use one remote control for several DVRs.
  • Page 25: Connection Guide

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Connection Guide Connecting the Monitor These monitor outputs are available for the HRDP H.264 Rev B recorder. • Composite Monitor output for CCTV monitor – BNC (Marked MAIN) • Spot monitor output for CCTV monitor – BNC (Marked SPOT) •...
  • Page 26: Connecting A Ptz Camera

    Installation Connecting a PTZ Camera The RS485 connector can be used to control Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) cameras. See the PTZ camera manufacturer’s manual for configuring the RS485 connection. Note Use the RS485 connector for external control systems such as a control keyboard.
  • Page 27: Turning On The Dvr

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Turning on the DVR Connect camera cables. Connect a network cable and a monitor cable. Connect the power cable to the DVR and wait until the main screen is displayed on the connected monitor; this process will take approximately two minutes.
  • Page 28: Setup

    Setup Setup Setup Menus Use the setup menus to configure all of the DVR settings, schedule recording, networking and shutdown. Press the SETUP key on the front of the DVR or remote control to enter the setup menus and log in. See the Logging In for the First Time section if entering setup for the first time.
  • Page 29: Setup Wizard

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Setup Wizard The Setup Wizard allows you to define global recording settings for an easy and custom recording schedule on the DVR. Global Resolution – 352 x240 / 704 × 240 / 704 × 480.
  • Page 30: System

    Setup System System Configuration To enter System Configuration, press the Setup key on the front of the DVR and press ENTER to select System Configuration. Use the arrow buttons on the front panel of the DVR or the remote control to navigate the display. Select Save and press ENTER to update settings.
  • Page 31: Upgrade Firmware

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide System Configuration Continued Use DST – After completing the Time Zone setup, highlight USE DST and press ENTER to turn Daylight Saving Time ON / OFF. NTP Type – Highlight NTP (Network Time Protocol) and press ENTER to SYNC the DVR with the Network Time.
  • Page 32: Disk Configuration

    Setup Disk Configuration Format Shows installed Hard Disk Drives and the status of other attached storage devices. To format a Hard Drive use the arrow keys to select the appropriate device and press ENTER. Select FORMAT and press ENTER, select YES to confirm formatting and press ENTER.
  • Page 33: Overwrite

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Overwrite Sets options for overwriting data when the Hard Disk Drive is full. Enable HDD OVERWRITE to allow the DVR to write over previously recorded data, starting with the oldest date, when the HDD is full. If set to DISABLE the DVR will not record any new data once the HDD becomes full.
  • Page 34: Auto Data Deletion

    Setup Auto Data Deletion The Auto Data Deletion function saves data for a user specified number of days before deleting it. This function should be used in installations where local law prevents retention of data past a certain number of days. Auto Delete Video The Auto-Delete function saves data for one full business day, and then deletes it.
  • Page 35: Smart Check

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide SMART Check S.M.A.R.T. = Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology. Enable SMART Check to detect signs of HDD failure. Set ENABLE S.M.A.R.T. to ENABLE or DISABLE. Set a CHECK INTERVAL between 1 and 24 hours.
  • Page 36: User Configuration

    Setup User Configuration Use the User Configuration to Add or Delete users. ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 37: Adding / Changing A User

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Adding / Changing a User SHUT DOWN – Allow the user to shut down or restart the DVR. EXPORT – Allow the user to perform an export or backup saved data. USE CD/DVD/USB - Allow the user to use the DVD Drive. This is a Server side feature only.
  • Page 38: Setup Dual Login

    Setup Setup Dual Login Dual Login setup is only needed for regions or systems requiring two different users to enter passwords in order to search for and backup video data. To enable this function: Press MENU on the front panel or remote control. Click MENU on the Mouse-over menu and select SETUP.
  • Page 39: Configuration

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Configuration Import and Export current settings. See details in the Save Settings section. Shutdown Use Shutdown to safely shutdown the system. Select System > Shutdown. Select OK to confirm and press ENTER to safely shutdown the system.
  • Page 40: Camera

    Setup Camera Camera Configuration CH – Camera Channels NAME – Use the on-screen keyboard to enter a camera name [user defined] HIDDEN – ON/OFF Note HIDDEN on the CAMERA CONFIGURATION page hides cameras from the main monitor (VGA/MAIN BNC) when no users are logged in.
  • Page 41: Color Setup (adjust)

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Color Setup (Adjust) CAMERA – 1 ~ 16 [camera to apply color settings to] BRIGHTNESS – 0 ~ 20 CONTRAST – 0 ~ 20 COLOR – 0 ~ 20 DEFAULT – Apply default system color settings.
  • Page 42: Spot / Sequence Configuration

    Setup Spot / Sequence Configuration Spot/Sequence Configuration allows you to set the parameters for the SPOT OUT on the DVR and the local live view sequencing. SPOT – Configure the SPOT OUT connection. INTERVAL – 1 ~ 100 seconds [Set the sequence interval time]. POPUP –...
  • Page 43: Monitor Configuration

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Monitor Configuration TRANSPARENCY SETUP – 0 ~ 20 [Set the transparency of the setup windows]. VGA RESOLUTION – Set monitor resolution. FIT-IN VGA – Adjusts the display to display properly on a VGA monitor. When the FIT-IN VGA check box is cleared, the display is adjusted to display on a monitor connected to the MAIN BNC output.
  • Page 44: Record

    Setup Record Recording Configuration Frame ON/OFF – Enable or disable recording on individual camera channels. SIZE – 352 × 240 / 704 × 240 / 704 × 480. [Resolution] IPS – 1~30 [Recording Images Per Second] QUALITY – Low / Normal / High INTENSIVE –...
  • Page 45: Schedule

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Schedule Set the recording schedule for each camera: Press MENU on the front panel or remote control. Click MENU on the Mouse-over menu and select SETUP. Select RECORD > SCHEDULE. Select a camera to create a recording schedule, or select ALL.
  • Page 46 Setup SENSOR SENSOR-activated recording Orange In sensor mode, the DVR will record when a sensor is triggered - during DURATION time as set in RECORD > MOTION /EVENT CONFGURATION > ACTION. CONT+MOT CONTINUOUS + MOTION detection recording Sky Blue The DVR records in CONTINUOUS mode but switches toMOTION when motion is detected in the motion area.
  • Page 47: Holiday Setup

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Holiday Setup Add a recording schedule for a specific date in HOLIDAY SETUP. You can add up to 32 individual HOLIDAY recording schedules. To add a new HOLIDAY schdule: Press MENU on the front panel or remote control.
  • Page 48: Instant Recording

    Setup Instant Recording The DVR remote controller has an Instant Recording button. Press the REC (INSTANT) button to start recording all the channels at the recording rate configured in Instant Record setup. All the channels, regardless of recording mode & recording on/off, will record. will show in live mode and a red bar represents Instant Recording video in the graphic search bar.
  • Page 49: Motion/event Configuration

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Motion/Event Configuration Motion / Event Configuration has four sections; Input, Sensor, Action, and Alarm Monitor. When an event comes in (Input) the DVR records the image according to its settings (Camera Configuration) and triggers an alarm (Action).
  • Page 50: Setting Up Motion Detection Recording

    Setup Setting Up Motion Detection Recording To record data only when motion is detected: Press SETUP on the front of the DVR or remote control. Select Record > Motion/Event Configuration and set MOTION to ON. Set the motion SENSITIVITY level. [1~10]. Select AREA and press ENTER to set a motion area (global setting;...
  • Page 51: Sensor

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Sensor Sensor Setup Use the arrow buttons to select Sensor 1 and press ENTER to change to N/O (Normally Open) or N/C (Normally Closed). Repeat for all sensors. Select SAVE and press ENTER to save settings.
  • Page 52: Action

    Setup S.M.A.R.T. Alarm The S.M.A.R.T. ALARM option is a preset function that triggers an alarm relay when the DVR HDD exceeds the temperature threshold configured on the SYSTEM > DISK SETUP > S.M.A.R.T. page. This function is preconfigured to set an alarm relay to ON and N/C. When the HDD exceeds the temperature threshold, the alarm relay will open.
  • Page 53: Alarm Monitor

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Alarm Monitor Send event information to a remote client using the Alarm Monitor function within the HFVMS software. Select SEND TO ALARM MONITOR and press ENTER to select ON. Select the types of events to send to the Alarm Monitor (MOTION, SENSOR, MOTION + SENSOR.)
  • Page 54: Network

    Setup Network Network Configuration Configure network settings. Network HOST NAME – Hostname for the DVR on the network. NETWORK TYPE – STATIC IP (User must manually define a static IP address. Contact your network administrator for this information.) DHCP (System gets IP address automatically from a DHCP server.) IP ADDRESS –...
  • Page 55 HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Network Configuration continued WEB PORT – Defines the port that Internet Explorer uses to connect over the web and view video. If this port is changed then the new port must be defined when attempting to web connect (ex: if your DVR IP address is and you change the web port to 800, then you...
  • Page 56: Serial Configuration

    Setup Serial Configuration Configure connected serial devices. TYPE – None / External Controller. MODEL – Select appropriate model. Port Information BAUD RATE / DATA BIT / PARITY / STOP BIT ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 57: E-mail Configuration

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide E-mail Configuration The DVR can send an email notification to up to six defined e-mail addresses when an event happens. E-MAIL SERVER – DVR/SMTP [Configure the DVR to use selected e-mail server.] OPTION – Define the type of event that will trigger an e-mail notification.
  • Page 58: Information

    Setup Information System Log View Displays system log information. System Log View displays the recent activity of all users on the DVR. You can export and save the System Log to review user activity. Version View Displays system information and software version information for the DVR. ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 59: Status View

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Status View Displays status screens for: Disk Record ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 60 Setup Audio Sensor ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 61 HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Network Event ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 62: Operation

    Operation Operation Login The LOG-IN window will display on the monitor until a user logs in with the correct ID & password. To prevent unauthorized changes to the system settings, the administrator should change the default administrator password and create a User account. Default Administrator Log In The default administrator account login is: USER: admin...
  • Page 63: Live Display Mode

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Live Display Mode Channel Selection A live image can be selected by pressing corresponding number key on the DVR front panel. The images can be seen in real-time in the configuration of 1, 4, 9, 16 channels and PiP screen.
  • Page 64: Icons

    Operation Icons In Live mode, icons or messages on the screen indicate the system mode or status. Right-upper corner on each CH screen Continuous Recording Motion Detection Recording Sensor Activated Recording Continuous + Motion Alarm Recording Continuous + Sensor Activated Recording Motion Detection + Sensor Activated Recording Emergency Recording Sensor Activated...
  • Page 65: Mouse-over Menu

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Mouse-Over Menu Move the mouse to the bottom of the monitor in live mode. The mouse-over menu will instantly appear. Sequence – Click to start camera sequence. Instant Recording – Click to start instant recording. In instant recording mode, the records all channels at the recording rate configured in the Emergency Recording setup.
  • Page 66: Popup Menu

    Operation Popup Menu Right-click the live screen to open the Popup Menu. HIDE LIVE VIEW – Hide the selected camera from Live view. RECORD CHANGE – Change the recording settings for that channel including PPS, quality, resolution and event response. PAGE SEQUENCE –...
  • Page 67: Ptz

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide To enter PTZ mode: • Right-click the Live screen and select PTZ on the pop-up menu, or • Click the PTZ icon on the Tool menu on the bottom of the main screen.
  • Page 68: Create Ptz Preset Position

    Operation Create PTZ Preset Position Right-click the desired PTZ camera to open the PTZ Popup menu while in PTZ mode. Select a PTZ Preset ID number. Select MOVE under PRESET to move the camera to the desired position. Select SET to save the preset position. Search Searching Recorded Data Search recorded video on the DVR to find a specific time or event.
  • Page 69: Quick Search

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Quick Search Click the button on the Tool menu bar to automatically playback the latest video clip. Using the playback control icons or the jog/shuttle wheel on the front panel, you can search recordings and control the speed of the playback by 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, or 32 times to the forward or backward directions.
  • Page 70: Express Search

    Operation Express Search Select a specific date and time to search for recordings: Press SEARCH on the front panel or remote control and then EXPRESS SEACH, or Click MENU on the Tool menu, select SEARCH and then select EXPRESS SEARCH. Select a date from the date list and press PLAY on the front panel or remote to begin playing that date from the beginning, or press Enter to select a time.
  • Page 71: Daylight Savings Search

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Daylight Savings Search Daylight Savings Search is used to find recorded data after switching the time at the end of Daylight Savings Period. The System will record data with the same time stamp for two hours when they are repeated. If any overlapped time data exists the system will display the times on this page.
  • Page 72: Backup (export)

    Operation Backup (Export) Manual Export Back up recorded data on a CD-RW, DVD-RW or connected USB device. Refer to the USB Flash Drive Approved List in the Introduction chapter. To configure a data backup: Press BACKUP on the front panel or remote control. Click MENU on the hover menu and select BACKUP.
  • Page 73: Search Backup Data

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Note ESTIMATE must be selected first, before WRITE. If any backup parameters are changed (Date, Time, Channels) you must select ESTIMATE again. Select the EXPORT VIEWER check box to add the Export Viewer to the backup file.
  • Page 74: Using The Backup Viewer

    Operation Using the Backup Viewer Play recorded video on a PC using Backup Viewer, the proprietary media player included with every backup file. Controlling Backup Viewer Next Frame Previous Frame Forward Play Back Play Pause ______________________________________________________________________________________________...
  • Page 75: Setup And Save Functions

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Setup and Save Functions These function buttons allow you to configure the Backup Viewer and save a JPEG image or AVI video. OPEN – Allows you to choose which data to open. When selecting data that is saved to your local hard drive, the video must be in a directory named DATA.
  • Page 76: Play Back Backup Image

    Operation Play Back Backup Image Play recorded video on a PC using the proprietary media player included with every backup file. Insert CD, DVD or connect external USB device to the PC. Navigate to the files on the CD, DVD, or USB drive. Double-click the BKPlayer application.
  • Page 77: Save Settings

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Save Settings Use the System Configuration menu to export and import saved or factory default system settings. Save Settings Press the SETUP key on the front of the DVR or remote control to log in.
  • Page 78: Remote Software

    Remote Software Remote Software Set up a Remote Connection The administrator and up to nineteen additional users (four simultaneously) can access the DVR remotely using software installed on a personal computer. Minimum System Requirements Windows XP, Vista or 7 Operating System Intel Dual Core Processor 1GB RAM 256 MB+ NVIDIA or ATI Video Card...
  • Page 79: Configuring The Dvr

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Configuring the DVR Press the SETUP key on the front of the DVR or remote control to log in. Select NETWORK > NETWORK CONFIGURATION (see the Network Configuration section of this manual for more details).
  • Page 80: Default Remote Software Log In Information

    Remote Software Default Remote Software Log in Information The default administrative log in information for the remote software: User Name: admin Password: <none> Access Remote Connection Open the Remote Software. Click on the icon of the server as defined previously. Enter the user name and password of an authorized user as defined in the SYSTEM >...
  • Page 81: Using The Remote Software

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Using the Remote Software Setting the Time and Date The Remote Software uses the system time of the PC. If the system time is not correct, follow the steps below to change it.
  • Page 82: Live View Screen

    Remote Software Live View Screen Each time the software is restarted, the program defaults to the Live View screen. The following diagram outlines the buttons and features used on the Live View screen. It is important to be familiar with these options as this is the screen displayed the majority of the time.
  • Page 83: Camera View

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Camera View The Camera status for each camera is displayed on the upper right corner of the video display area. Current Recording Status Special Recording Status Camera No. and Name Recording Status Indicator...
  • Page 84: Screen Division Buttons

    Remote Software Screen Division Buttons The Screen Division buttons allow you to view cameras in groups such as two by two, three by three and four by four. The button options are shown below. 1st Four Cameras View – Displays cameras 1-4 in the Video Display Area.
  • Page 85: Search Overview

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Search Overview Actual Date/Time Search Options Play Controls Screen Division Buttons Search Date/Time Hour Minute Control Select Cameras Calendar Button ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F 02/13...
  • Page 86: Play Controls

    Remote Software Play Controls Rewind Play Forward Frame Back Frame Stop Moves video back one frame Back Frame Rewinds video Rewind Stops video playback Stop Plays video Play Moves video forward one frame Forward Frame Performing a Basic Search Select a date using the Calendar button on the Date Display. Select a time using the hour and minute control bars.
  • Page 87: Zooming In On A Portion Of An Image

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Zooming in on a Portion of an Image Using the mouse pointer, point to the area of interest on the image and click the right mouse button. Keep clicking the right mouse button to zoom in further.
  • Page 88: Saving A Video Clip

    Remote Software Saving a Video Clip Perform a basic search to locate the desired clip. Click Save to open the Export Wizard. Click JPEG or AVI to select the desired file type. AVI File a. Select Mark Digital Signature. b. Select a Compression Codec.
  • Page 89: Status Search

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Status Search The Status Search option displays a timeline in graph format. Scroll through multiple cameras and easily locate hours with recorded video. 24 Hours (0-23) AM & PM Cameras Recorded video displayed in Orange Performing a Status Search In Search mode, click Status.
  • Page 90: Ptz Overview

    Remote Software PTZ Overview Accessing PTZ Menus Some protocols support the ability to access the Internal PTZ Onscreen Menu. Click PAN/TILT on the remote software Live View screen to open the graphical PTZ controller. Some protocols support the ability to access the Internal PTZ Onscreen Menu.
  • Page 91: Using The Graphical Ptz Controller

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Using the Graphical PTZ Controller • Use the Arrow buttons to control the direction of the PTZ camera. • To select a new camera, click the video display of a different camera on the Live View screen.
  • Page 92: Using The On-screen Compass

    Remote Software Using the On-screen Compass Click PAN/TILT on the Live View screen. Control the PTZ by dragging the mouse on the screen in the desired direction. A green line will appear to show the direction the PTZ will move. The shorter the line the less the PTZ will move.
  • Page 93: Web Viewer Overview

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Web Viewer Overview The DVR allows access to the video using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browser 6+. To log in to the DVR server from the Web Viewer, a user account must be made for the user. This ensures that only authorized users are allowed to log in.
  • Page 94: Connecting To A Dvr Using Web Viewer

    Remote Software Connecting to a DVR Using Web Viewer Open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Enter the IP address of the DVR into the Address bar. When attempting this for the first time you will be asked to accept an Active X installation. Click Yes. Note If you receive a message saying Internet Explorer security settings do not allow you to download Active X components then you will...
  • Page 95: Performing A Basic Search

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Performing a Basic Search Click Select Date to open the calendar and select a date. Select a time using the hour and minute control bars. Select one or more cameras. Click Play. (Video can be played forwards, backwards, or frame-by- frame.)
  • Page 96: Print

    Remote Software Print Use the Search screen to locate the desired frame. Double-click the image. Note Only one camera can be selected at a time for this function to work. Click Print. The Print Options window opens. Depending on the printer being used, there may be several printing options available.
  • Page 97: Digital Verifier Overview

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Digital Verifier Overview JPG images and AVI video files that are exported from the Digital Video Recorder are automatically embedded with a digital signature. Digital signatures are a way to verify the authenticity of the images to ensure that they have not been tampered with or edited in any way.
  • Page 98: Fvms (option) Overview

    Remote Software FVMS (option) Overview Connecting to a recorder using FVMS FVMS (software part number HFVMSP) is available as an optional accessory for HRDP. FVMS software is Multi-Site Management Software; a powerful utility that allows 100 or more recorders to be controlled using one computer.
  • Page 99: Appendix

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Appendix Button Index LED Status Indicators Illuminates when power is Power supplied to the DVR. Flashes when the hard drive is being accessed. Flashes when live video is Record recording. Illuminates when the DVR is Network connected to a network.
  • Page 100: Enter / Exit Buttons

    Appendix Enter / Exit Buttons Input data, make selections, and Enter ENTER open pop-up menus. Return to the previous mode or Exit EXIT menu, without saving. Function Buttons Search Open the search menu. Focus In PTZ mode, press to use the Focus SEARCH function.
  • Page 101: Numeric Buttons And Rec

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Numeric Buttons and Rec Numeric In live and search modes, press to watch that channel full screen. Record In live mode, press to start instant recording of all channels. Directional and Playback Control Buttons Live Go to PTZ mode.
  • Page 102: Dvr Faq

    Appendix Directional and Playback Control Buttons continued Navigation Move down. Move the camera view point down. Navigation Move to the left. Move camera’s view point to the left. Search Play recorded videos in reverse. When pressed successively, the search jumps back in time by 30 minute increments.
  • Page 103: Recording

    Please check all the settings in the Network E-Mail Configuration. Miscellaneous What types of cameras can be used? The Honeywell DVR supports either NTSC or PAL analog cameras. Both standards may not be used simultaneously. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Document 800-06801 Rev F...
  • Page 104: Troubleshooting

    Appendix Troubleshooting Possible Solutions. Problem Check the power cord connections. No Power Check power at the outlet. Check camera video cable and connections. Check monitor video cable and connections. No Live Video Check camera power. Check camera lens setting . If a cable is attached to the video channels looping Live Video Too output, make sure that it is properly terminated.
  • Page 105: Specifications (hrdp H.264 Rev B)

    HRDP H.264 Rev B DVR User Guide Specifications (HRDP H.264 Rev B) 16 Channel Specification • 16 Channel Composite Inputs • CCTV Monitor (NTSC/PAL), • CRT(VGA) Monitor Video Outputs • 16 CH Looping Composite • 1 Spot CCTV Monitor (NTSC/PAL) •...
  • Page 106 Document 800-06801 – Rev F – 02/13 © 2013 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission from Honeywell. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate in all respects.

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