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Influences on the Operating Range
With a fully charged battery and an efficient rid-
ing manner, an operating range of up to 105 km
is possible.
However, the operating range depends on many
factors, such as:
– Assistance mode and level
– Gear-switching behaviour,
– Bicycle tires and tire pressure,
– Age and condition of the battery,
– Route profile (inclines) and road or path
conditions (road or path surface),
– Head wind and ambient temperature,
– Weight of the eBike, rider and equipment/
For these reasons, it is not possible to predict
an accurate operating range before starting your
ride. General rules:
– For the same assistance level of the eBike
drive: The less power or force that you have
to bring about to reach a certain speed (e.g.
through optimal use of the gears), the less
energy the eBike drive will consume, and the
greater the range for a battery charge.
– The higher the selected assistance degree
(assistance mode and level) under otherwise
same conditions, the lower the range.
Careful Handling of the eBike
Please observe the operating and storage tem-
peratures of the eBike components. Protect the
drive unit, drive HMI and battery against ex-
treme temperatures (e.g. from intense sunlight
without adequate ventilation). The components
(especially the battery) can become damaged
through extreme temperatures.
Bosch eBike Systems

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep all components of your eBike clean, espe-
cially the battery contacts and corresponding
holders. Clean them carefully with a soft, damp
All components including the drive unit may not
be immersed in water or cleaned with a high-
pressure cleaner.
For service or repairs on the eBike, please refer
to an authorised bicycle dealer.
After-sales Service and Customer
In case of questions concerning the eBike drive
and its components, please refer to an author-
ised bicycle dealer.
For contact data of authorised bicycle dealers,
please refer to
The batteries are subject to the Dangerous
Goods Legislation requirements. Private users
can transport the batteries by road without fur-
ther requirements.
When being transported by commercial users or
third parties (e.g. via air transport or forwarding
agency), special requirements on packaging and
labelling must be observed (e.g. ADR Regula-
tions). For preparation of the item being
shipped, an expert for hazardous material can
be consulted as required.
Use the batteries only when the housing is un-
damaged. Tape or mask off open contacts and
pack up the battery in such a manner that it can-
not move around in the packaging. Please also ob-
serve possibly more detailed national regulations.
In case of questions concerning transport of the
batteries, please refer to an authorised bicycle
dealer. Bicycle dealers can also provide suitable
transport packaging.
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