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Cookery Tips - Black & Decker M350 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
Attaching the M350 hand mixer to the
M700 bowl mixer (Fig. 1, Fig.2)
• Place the Base (11) on a flat, stable
• Align the sockets on the base of the
hand mixer (13) with the tabs on the
Cradle (14) and press down vertically
until the tabs lock into place.
Releasing the M350 hand mixer from the
M700 bowl mixer (Fig. 3)
• Press the Cradle switch (8) to release the
tabs and lift the hand mixer vertically.
Removing the bowl (11) (Fig. 4)
• Press the base switch (10) and tilt the
Cradle (9) and mixer (7) backwards.
• The bowl can now be removed for
transferral of contents or cleaning.
Warning! Let the tool work at its own pace.
Do not overload.
• Clean the beaters, dough hooks and
bowl before use.
• Ensure that the power cord is unplugged
from the power outlet and the speed
selector (2) is set to the "0" position.
• Choose the proper attachments for the
task to be performed and assemble into
position. Beaters are for mixing egg
white or other liquid, dough hooks are
for kneading dough.
• Place the food that needs to be mixed
into the bowl (11).
• Lower the mixer by pressing the base
switch (10).
• Ensure that the speed selector (2) is at
the "0" setting and connect to the power
• Dial the speed selector to your desired
setting. The appliance will start working.
There are 5 settings and a turbo button
which will allow the speed to achieve its
highest when depressed.
Warning! Do not place knives,
spoons, forks or any other object
into the bowl while operating
Note! The maximum operation time must
not exceed 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of
use allow the hand/stand mixer to rest and
cool for an appropriate amount of time.
• When Kneading dough, best results can
be achieved by setting the speed
selector at a low speed first and then
high speed.
Note! During operation do not touch the
Warning! Keep hands, long hair
and loose clothing away from the
• When mixing is completed, turn the
speed selector to the "0" position and
unplug the cord from the power outlet.

Cookery tips

• Refrigerated ingredients, such as butter
and eggs, them should be at room
temperature before mixing begins. Set
these ingredients out ahead of time.
• To eliminate the possibility of shells eggs
in your recipe, break eggs into separate
container first, then add to the mixture.
• Do not over-beat. Be careful that you
only mix/blend mixtures as
recommended in your recipe. Fold dry
ingredients until they are just combined
using the low speed setting.
• Climatic conditions. Seasonal
temperature changes, temperature of
ingredients and their texture variation all
play a part in the required mixing time
and the results achieved.

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Table of Contents

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