Power Supply; Electrical Safety - Bosch Rotak 34-13 Original Instructions Manual

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– After striking a foreign object. Inspect
the machine for damage and make re-
pairs as necessary,
– If the machine starts to vibrate abnor-
mally (check immediately).

Power supply

The voltage indicated on the rating
plate must correspond to the voltage
of the power source.
We recommend that this equipment
is only connected into a socket which
is protected by a circuit-breaker that
would be actuated by a 30 mA residu-
al current.
Only use or replace power supply ca-
bles for this unit which correspond to
the types indicated by the manufac-
Never touch the mains plug with wet
Do not run over, crush or pull the
power supply cable or extension
lead, otherwise it may be damaged.
Protect the cable from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
The extension lead must have a cross
section in accordance with the oper-
ating instructions and be protected
against splashed water. The connec-
tion must not be in water.

Electrical Safety

Warning! Switch off, remove plug
from mains before adjusting,
cleaning or if cable is cut, damaged
or entangled.
The blades continue to rotate for a
few seconds after the machine is
switched off.
F 016 L81 176 | (19.9.14)
Caution – do not touch the rotating
Your machine is double insulated for
safety and requires no earth connec-
tion. The operating voltage is 230 V AC,
50 Hz (for non-EU countries 220 V,
240 V as applicable). Only use ap-
proved extension cables. Contact your
Bosch Service Centre for details.
Extension cords/leads should only be
used if they comply with H05VV-F,
H05RN-F types or IEC type design
(60227 IEC 53, 60245 IEC 57).
If you want to use an extension cable
when operating your product, only the
following cable dimensions should be
– 1.0 mm
: max. length 40 m
– 1.5 mm
: max. length 60 m
– 2.5 mm
: max. length 100 m
Note: If an extension cable is used it
must be earthed and connected
through the plug to the earth cable of
your supply network in accordance
with prescribed safety regulations.
If in doubt contact a qualified electri-
cian or the nearest Bosch Service Cen-
WARNING! Inadequate extension
cables can be dangerous. Exten-
sion cable, plug and socket must be
of watertight construction and in-
tended for outdoor use.
It is recommended for increased elec-
trical safety to use a Residual Current
Device (RCD) with a tripping current of
not more than 30 mA. Always check
your RCD every time you use it.
Bosch Power Tools

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Table of Contents

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