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Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT 340 Owner's Handbook Manual Page 84

Apricot 340 series.
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U p g r a d i n g
Instead, separate the heat sink from the processor by twisting the
heat sink back and forth to loosen the grip of the thermal bonding
compound, then slide the heat sink off to one side of the processor.
There will be a residual deposit of thermal bonding compound on the bottom
of the heat sink and the top of the processor. This compound can cause skin
irritation and stain clothing. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Avoid
contact with eyes and inhalation of fumes. Do not ingest.
Fitting the new processor
To fit the upgrade processor:
Ensure that the securing lever on the ZIF socket is still in the
upright position.
Take the upgrade processor out of its anti-static packaging.
Hold the processor by its edges and avoid touching the metal
The upgrade processor and the ZIF socket are keyed to ensure
that the processor is installed in the correct orientation. One
corner of the socket has a key hole. The corresponding corner
of the processor is slightly bevelled and has a positioning
guide in the form of a coloured dot.
Place the processor in the socket, making sure that it is
correctly aligned and that you do not bend or otherwise
damage the pins.
If the processor is not big enough to occupy the entire socket
it should be positioned centrally.
If the processor is misaligned it will not go into the socket, and any
attempt to force it will damage the processor, or the socket, or both.
Move the securing lever to the locked position. Apply just
enough pressure to overcome the resistance offered by the


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