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Mitsubishi Electric APRICOT 340 Owner's Handbook Manual Page 54

Apricot 340 series.
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Drive could not write to tape
If the Cassette-in-Place (green) LED flashes rapidly, this means that
the drive could not write to the tape correctly, and indicates that the
tape has become unreliable. Remove the cassette and use another.
Hardware error or high humidity
If the Drive Busy (amber) LED flashes rapidly, this indicates either a
hardware error or dew (high humidity). If this happens soon after
powering-up the computer, the drive's diagnostic test may have
failed, in which case the drive will not operate. Request help from
your supplier or an authorized maintainer.
If the drive detects high humidity, the tape is automatically ejected.
As soon as the drive detects that the humidity is at an acceptable
level, it will return to normal operation.
Automatic drive operation
To prolong the life of the tape and the drive mechanism, the drive
"relaxes" during periods of inactivity (no read or write operations):
Inserting a cassette
Insert the cassette into the slot with the triangular arrowhead on the
cassette pointing towards the drive. As the tape is inserted, the drive
takes it and automatically loads it into the drive mechanism. A load
sequence checks ambient humidity, the tape format and data
integrity. Unless the tape is blank the tape log, which contains a
history of usage of the tape, is read into the drive's memory.
U s i n g F l o p p y D i s k , C D - R O M & T a p e D r i v e s
After 30 seconds, the capstan and pinch roller are released and
tape tension is removed.
After 90 seconds, the tape is pulled away from the head
cylinder, and the cylinder stops rotating.


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