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Daikin R32 Split Series Installation Manual

Daikin room air conditioner.
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R32 Split Series


   Summary of Contents for Daikin R32 Split Series

  • Page 1: Installation Manual


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  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Read the precautions in this manual This appliance is filled with R32. carefully before operating the unit. • The precautions described herein are classified as WARNING and CAUTION. They both contain important information regarding safety. Be sure to observe all precautions without fail. •...

  • Page 4: Choosing An Installation Site, Indoor Unit, Wireless Remote Controller

    CAUTION • Do not install the air conditioner at any place where there is a danger of flammable gas leakage. In the event of a gas leakage, build-up of gas near the air conditioner may cause a fire to break out. •...

  • Page 5

    Preparation before Installation Removing and installing front panel • Removal method 1) Place your fingers in the indentations on the main unit (one each on the left and right sides), and open the front panel until it stops. 2) Continue to open the front panel further while sliding the panel to the right and pulling it toward you in order to disengage the front panel shaft on the left side.

  • Page 6

    Indoor Unit Installation Drawings How to attach the indoor unit Mounting Hook the claws of the bottom frame plate to the mounting plate. If the claws are difficult to hook, remove the front grille. Clip Mounting plate How to remove the indoor unit Push up the marked area (at the lower part of the front grille) to Bottom frame...

  • Page 7: Installing The Indoor Unit

    Indoor Unit Installation Installing the mounting plate • The mounting plate should be installed on a wall which can support the weight of the indoor unit. 1) Temporarily secure the mounting plate to the wall, make sure that the panel is completely level, and mark the boring points on the wall.

  • Page 8

    Indoor Unit Installation • Remove the pipe port cover as shown below. 1) Cut off the pipe port cover from inside the front grille using a copping saw. Apply the blade of the copping saw to the notch, and cut off the pipe port cover along the slit.

  • Page 9

    Indoor Unit Installation 3-2. Left-side, left-back, or left-bottom piping How to replace the drain plug and drain hose • Replacing onto the left side Drain hose attachment position 1) Remove the insulation fixing screw on the * The drain hose is on the back of the unit. right and remove the drain hose.

  • Page 10: Wiring Diagram

    Indoor Unit Installation Wiring diagram Terminal strip Connection Connector Field wiring Black Orange Blue Brown White Green Yellow Notes Refer to the nameplate for power requirements. INDOOR Indoor OUTDOOR Outdoor TRANSMISSION CIRCUIT Transmission circuit INTELLIGENT EYE SENSOR Intelligent eye sensor WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER Wireless remote controller SIGNAL RECEIVER...

  • Page 11

    Indoor Unit Installation Wiring 1) Strip wire ends (15mm). 2) Match wire colours with terminal numbers on indoor and outdoor unit’s terminal blocks and firmly screw wires to the corresponding terminals. 3) Connect the earth wires to the corresponding terminals. 4) Pull wires to make sure that they are securely latched up, then retain wires with wire retainer.

  • Page 12

    Indoor Unit Installation 5-5. Prepare the accessory (optional parts) [Figure 2]. 1) Remove the cover from the accessory (optional parts). 2) Insert the connection cord into connector “S21” (white) in the accessory (optional parts). 3) Route each of the connection cords through the cut-outs in the accessory, then reinstall the accessory cover in its original position.

  • Page 13: Drain Piping, Refrigerant Piping Work

    Indoor Unit Installation Drain piping The drain hose should be inclined downward. 1) Connect the drain hose, as described right. No trap is permitted. Do not put the end of the hose in water. 2) Remove the air filters and pour some water into the drain pan to check the water flows smoothly.

  • Page 14: Refrigerant Piping

    Refrigerant Piping Work Refrigerant piping CAUTION • Use the flare nut fixed to the main unit. (To prevent cracking of the flare nut by aged deterioration.) • To prevent gas leakage, apply refrigeration oil only to the inner surface of the flare. (Use refrigeration oil for R32 or R410A.) •...

  • Page 15

    Trial Operation and Testing Trial operation and testing 1-1 Measure the supply voltage and make sure that it falls in the specified range. 1-2 Trial operation should be carried out in either cooling or heating mode. • In cooling mode, select the lowest programmable temperature; in heating mode, select the highest programmable temperature.

  • Page 16

    3P387973-2A 2014.10...

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