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AerialBox T2200 User Manual

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User Guide


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  • Page 1 User Guide T2200...
  • Page 3 Welcome Thank you for choosing the Dish TV aerialBox T2200 MyFreeviewPlus® PVR. You will be able to receive all Freeview High Definition and Standard Definition digital channels, as well as the new MyFreeviewPlus® bringing the most popular shows from On Demand and Live TV together all free from subscriptions.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents About your Set Top Box..................Main Features ....................What’s in the Box?................... Product Overview....................Front and Back View..................Remote Control....................Connecting Up.....................9 Getting Started....................10 Main Features....................... Changing the Channel .................. Information Banner................... Service and Carrier Details................Quick Selection....................TV / Radio Mode....................Watch Recorded Programmes..............
  • Page 5 Frequently Asked Questions................52 Placing your Unit....................54 Technical Specifications..................55 Quick Troubleshooting..................56 Support Information....................57 Warranty Information..................58...
  • Page 6: About Your Set Top Box

    • Series Linking (record an entire season) • Automatic Updates via Network • View iManual On Screen What’s in the box? • 1x T2200 Unit with Power Pack • 1x Remote Control • 2x AAA Batteries • AV Lead •...
  • Page 7: Product Overview

    Product Overview Front View Signal/Power/Standby Indicator Standby Button Orange: Signal Lock Switches on/off the receiver Green: Power LED Display Red: Standby Displays channel number, menu. Menu buttons Access Menu, volume, channel. Back View Cable Out AV Video Out Output to another STB Yellow connection to non HD TV.
  • Page 8: Remote Control

    Remote Control Power Mute Subtitle Subtitle Favorite Audio Numeric Info Record Book List Colour Keys Menu Record List OK/Select Navigation Keys Library List Record List Portal Volume Channel Navigation EPG / Guide Rewind Play/Pause Stop Forward Forward Skip Record Media (USB) Backward Skip Bookmark Settings...
  • Page 9: Connecting Up

    Connecting Up Connecting to the Aerial Connect the cable from your aerial to the RF IN socket in the back of your receiver. Connecting to your TV Connecting using a HDMI Cable HD Ready TV Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI socket on the back of the receiver, then connect the other end to the...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting Started Step Install batteries in the remote control Open the battery cover of the remote control and put two AAA size batteries so the ‘+’ and ‘-’ marks on the batteries match the ‘+’ and ‘-’ marks inside the remote control.
  • Page 11 Installation Setup Choose your Internet connection type by selecting either Wireless (if you have a wireless router) or Wired (if you have a Ethernet cable connected) If you have no access to the Internet, simply press the green button to skip and begin scanning for Freeview channels.
  • Page 12: Main Features

    Main Features Your receiver comes packed full of great features which you can use right away, this section will tell you the basic functions of the receiver so that you can get used to it. Changing the channel Use your remote to quickly change the channel, you can use either the numeric pad on the top half of the remote or you can use the + CH -...
  • Page 13: Quick Selection

    Quick Select This will allow you to select other channels or view its schedule while allowing you to view the current channel. Press OK on your remote. Use the ▼▲ keys to select a channel. Press OK to view that channel. Quick Select - Programme Guide You can also view a 7 Day schedule of any channel without interrupting the...
  • Page 14: Tv / Radio Mode

    TV / Radio Mode You can access either TV or Radio channels by simply pressing the button. Radio Channels are audio only and to preserve the screen from image burning, a blank screen will appear while audio is being played. You can still access the Menu and Info options on your remote and this will wake the screen up.
  • Page 15: Web Remote

    Web Remote Control your T2200 without the need of a physical remote, provided that you are connected to a local network. Use your smart device such as a iPhone, iPad, Android or PC / Mac to control the unit via your internet browser.
  • Page 16: Audio Descriptions

    Audio Descriptions Audio Descriptions are helpful for those who are visually impaired, Audio Descriptions narrate the programme so that you can understand what is happening in a scene. Audio Descriptions are only available on TV One and TV2 and with selected programmes only with the icon in the Freeview EPG.
  • Page 17: Device Streaming

    Device Streaming Stream the current live channel from the T2200 to any HTML media playback device on your local network. Handy if you want another feed in another room. Plus it works on any device that has the suitable HTML streaming app such as VLC, Kodi, VLC for iPad etc...
  • Page 18: Freeview Epg

    Freeview EPG The Freeview EPG allows you to view detailed programme information on your favorite channels for up to 8 Days. You can also view what’s on now/next and switch to another channel. Launching the Freeview EPG Press the EPG (Guide) Wait for the guide to load.
  • Page 19: Built In Epg

    Built-in EPG Another way to get the guide is the built in EPG, which does the same as the Freeview EPG but displays data differently. Launching the Built-in EPG Press the Menu > EPG Wait for the guide to load. You will have the EPG viewed with the current channel listings.
  • Page 20: Recording Via The Freeview Epg

    Record the shows you love with MyFreeviewPlus The aerialBox T2200 comes with a 1TB built-in Hard Drive allowing you to record just over 500 hours of shows. You can record series and one off episodes from a press of a button. And don’t forget FreeviewPlus is there in case you forget to record!
  • Page 21: Book Via The Freeviewplus Guide

    Book from the FreeviewPlus Guide See Page 25 if you have not used FreeviewPlus before. Press the RED button and wait for the mini guide to appear. Use the Mini Guide or Full Guide to select a show you wish to book, press the OK button to view show options.
  • Page 22: Pause And Rewind Live Tv (time Shifting)

    Pause and Rewind live TV (Time shifting) With the aerialBox T2200 you can pause live TV and rewind back to a point that you missed, so the schedule suits you. Make sure that you have the correct Time shifting options set in the Main Menu you can find out more about this on Page 35.
  • Page 23: Instant Record

    All live recordings will be saved to the Library. Record 2 channels while watching another. The T2200 comes with twin tuners which enable multiple recordings and playback without causing too much issues. Due to the nature of frequencies and channel groups,...
  • Page 24: Editing Recordings

    Edit Recordings Editing Recordings You can edit out certain parts of a program which is handy if you want to create seamless viewing. Once you have selected your program and accessed the Recording Edit from the options menu the program will play in its real-time.
  • Page 25 A better way to TV! With FreeviewPlus™ The smartest way to enjoy TV bringing the most popular shows from On Demand and Live TV together. • Switch easily between Live TV & On Demand • 8-days forward & 8-days catch up TV Guide •...
  • Page 26: Freeviewplus

    Mini Guide The mini guide enables you to browse through listings for the next 8 days while watching the current channel uninterrupted. To open the mini guide press the red button at any time when watching any channel on Freeview. View Featured, Full Guide...
  • Page 27 Full Guide The full guide enables you browse through more channel listings for the next 8 days, to view the full guide, open up the Mini Guide by pressing the Red button, press the Red button again to highlight the left side options and select the two “Expand”...
  • Page 28 Set a Reminder Press OK on a show within the FreeviewPlus™ guide that you would like to set a reminder. Highlight and select then confirm when you will be notified before the show starts, the max is 5 minutes. An icon in the guide will appear to let you know it’s set.
  • Page 29 Catchup Guide With FreeviewPlus you can go back 8 days on the guide and catchup on missed content. Meaning if you forgot something last week, you will be able to catch up via the On Demand apps (Currently Available on TV One, TV2, TV3, FOUR, Maori TV and Te Reo).
  • Page 30 Featured, TV, Movies FreeviewPlus also delivers a range of content which you can quickly access and discover throughout the FreeviewPlus channels. To launch simply open up the Mini or Full Guides, press the Red button to navigate to the Menu, then select the Hamburger Icon ( 3 bars) to open up the Features, TV, Movies and On- demand List.
  • Page 31 Main Menu To access the T2200 Main Menu, simply press the Menu button on your remote, the menu has been designed so you can still see what’s happening on screen. Use the ◀ ▶ keys to choose a Menu category then ▼▲ to select a sub menu item.
  • Page 32: Settings

    Settings OSD (On Screen Display) Change the way the on screen menus appear which includes the theme and banner position. Info Banner Timeout Adjust how long you want the banner to appear on screen before it’s hidden, you can set it up to 15 secs or leave it Banner Position Choose to have the info banner appear on the bottom (default) or top.
  • Page 33: Video

    TV, the default setting is 16:9 for Below are the different types of wide screen TVs, older conventional TVs ratios you can set the T2200 unit will use a 4:3 aspect ratio. too for your TV. Scaling Method...
  • Page 34: Admin

    (About 1 minute) Front Display when LPM is ON Parental Rating Turn this on if you would like to limit the T2200 based on the current rating across all the channels, select either G, PG or AO to set the...
  • Page 35: Application

    Turn this on to enable local media sharing on your local network to and from the T2200. You can cast files from your computer to the T2200. For more on how to do this go to Page PVR Settings Start Offset...
  • Page 36: Epg

    Built in EPG The Built-in EPG is an alternative way to view channel listings and schedule recordings. Use the ▼▲ keys to browse through the channel, the green highlight will indicate where you are and what show you have navigated through. Use the ◀...
  • Page 37: Installation

    Installation Auto Scan Scan for new channels on the Freeview broadcast by completing an Auto Scan. Please note that an Auto Scan will wipe all channels including booked shows, you will need to relink shows via the EPG after the scan. This will not erase already recorded shows.
  • Page 38: Manual Scan

    In the unlikely event that the unit has A Factory Reset will wipe away all issues or you are having a hard time trying to use the T2200 unit, then a settings except recorded shows Factory Reset should be able to correct on the Hard Drive.
  • Page 39: Network Setup

    Press Menu > Installation then Network Setup. Wired Connection Plug in the Ethernet cable into the back of the T2200 receiver. Make sure that the other end is plugged into your router. Press the Green Button to switch on and confirm the wired connection settings, change DNS settings if required.
  • Page 40: Main Menu

    If you wish to change IP, DNS settings press the Blue button. iManual An updated version of the manual is available on the T2200 unit, the IManual is easy to navigate and is updated often. The Manual is easy to operate and navigating consist of using the following keys.
  • Page 41: Software Upgrade

    Software Upgrade Updates for the T2200 are delivered via the internet so that any bugs and faults or changes by the network can be corrected. You can set updates to be checked and installed automatically to turn this off so you can manually check for updates.
  • Page 42: Schedule Update

    Update over USB Schedule Update Let the T2200 do all the upgrading for Go to you. You can change how the unit downloads to download the checks and installs new updates. corresponding firmware package. You can: The file package will be a ZIP file which will need to be extracted •...
  • Page 43: Media Manager

    Use the remote to control playback. You don’t need to have a specific file format on the USB drives as the T2200 can read content just like a Smart TV or computer. We recommend using Portable Hard Drives as...
  • Page 44: Media Sharing

    • Retrieve Files from the aerialBox: Go to Menu > Media Manager > Media Sharing, Allow the T2200 to search for local devices, this may take a few minutes. Once done select your device. Choose what type of media type...
  • Page 45: File Sharing

    File Sharing Play media files from a USB device such as a Portable Hardrive. You will be able to play Video, Music and Photos. Go to Menu > Media Manager > USB and then plug in your USB device into one of the ports on the unit.
  • Page 46: Media Info

    T2200 and satBox S8200 units. You can wipe the built in 1TB hard-drive as well if the T2200 is going to a new owner or if you would like to bulk delete all shows and start new.
  • Page 47: Library

    Library Find all your collections of recorded shows and imported files in the media library. Simply press the LIB (Library) button on your remote. Series / Epsiode View Press the Blue button to sort the recordings to series or episode view. Series View allows you to group the series together instead of individual episodes, simply select a series to open...
  • Page 48: Schedule

    Schedule View all upcoming bookings that the T2200 unit will record. You can see what type of recording will be set such as Series or Single Links. To delete a booked show, press the RED button and confirm the deletion.
  • Page 49 Transfer files to a USB hard drive or import files into the Library. This is useful if you are wanting to wipe the T2200 to start from fresh or move files to another T2200 or S8200 unit. The USB hard drive will need to be a FAT32.
  • Page 50: Channel Organiser

    Channel Organiser Personalise your channels to your preference, you can move, delete, favorite, lock and skip channels. Please be aware that some options will only work if LCN is turned off from Settings, see page 34 on how to do this. •...
  • Page 51 • Favourites Set channels as specific favourites based on their genre, the Favourites can group channels together so you can have lists. Select a channel you would like to set a favorite to, then press 5. A pop up box will appear which will let you choose what genre the channel belongs to, simply press the OK button to confirm the favorite.
  • Page 52: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I am recording something but a group of channels are unavailable to watch? A. A Freeview signal is transmitted on different frequencies. The Dish TV T2200 comes with a dual tuner which allows you to record two channels on different frequency and watch another channel or play a recorded show.
  • Page 53 Internet Service Provider on how to do this or to find out more information. Turn off your router and T2200 receiver and wait for 1 minute then switch them back on before trying to connect again.
  • Page 54: Placing Your Unit

    Where should I place my unit? Over long periods of use, the aerialBox T2200 will be warm, to keep the unit running as smooth as possible and to avoid damaging the unit from heat we recommend you take in the following: •...
  • Page 55: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Item Specification Tuner Frequency Range 174MHz to 858MHz Signal Input Level -90 ~ -20dBm IF Bandwidth 7, 8 MHz Interface HDMI Output RCA Composite (CVBS) video/audio output S/PDIF audio via RCA Coaxial RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps 2x USB 2.0 Connectors 1x front 1x rear IR extension socket 12v DC jack input 5.5mm x 2.1mm Wi-Fi 802.11N...
  • Page 56: Quick Troubleshooting

    / working Batteries are flat Replace batteries with new ones. The Infrared receiver on the T2200 Check that there is a clear receiver is obstructed (Front panel line of sight between the blocked by objects) front panel and your remote control, move objects if necessary.
  • Page 57: Support Information

    Help and Support We provide free technical assistance to all our products during our normal business hours. We try our best to get the issues sorted either over the phone or via email. Contact us through either of these methods Method Contact Details Phone...
  • Page 58: Warranty Information

    Warranty Information Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. This product is warranted for any defect in materials or workmanship for one year after the original date of purchase. This product is for normal domestic use only. This warranty does not cover damage from misuse or neglect, accidental damage, vermin infestation, excessive voltages such as lightening or power surges or any modification that affects the reliability of the product.
  • Page 60 0800 347 488 Version 4 11/12/2015...

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