Preparation For Installation; Gathering Information; Preparing Tools; Preparing Auxiliary Materials - Honeywell X-618 Installation Manual

Public address system
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2 Preparation for Installation

Before installing the system, appropriate preparation is required to ensure a smooth installation

Gathering Information

Preparing Tools

Preparing Auxiliary Materials

Preparing Cables and Auxiliary Equipment

Packing List Inspection
Gathering Information
Installation personnel are required to be familiar with functional components of the X-618 product
equipment. It is recommended to first read the product information found in the X-618 Public
Address System Product Description manual.
Preparing Tools
Prepare the following tools before installing the system equipment:
Electrostatic wrist band
Electrostatic gloves
Wire stripping pliers
Wire cutting pliers
RJ45 crimp tool
Slotted screwdriver (M2)
Phillips screwdriver (P1)
Preparing Auxiliary Materials
Prepare the following auxiliary materials before installing the system equipment:
Insulating tape
Wire buckles
Cable labels
Plastic ties
Preparing Cables and Auxiliary Equipment
It is recommended to select high quality and professional-grade transmission cables for large scale
loudspeaker systems.
Before installing the equipment, prepare the following:
CAT-5 Ethernet Cable
Cable requirements should not exceed 100m with diameters of 0.51mm (wire gauge of
24AWG). Shielded twisted pair cables are recommended. If the distance between devices is


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