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  • Page 1

    LCD TV LCD-32CA8Z MODEL LCD-37CA8Z LCD-42CA8Z Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 2: Safety Precaution

    TO THE OWNER Before operating this LCD TV, read this manual thoroughly and operate the LCD TV properly. This LCD TV provides many convenient features and functions. Operating the LCD TV properly enables you to manage those features and maintains it in better condition for a considerable time. Improper operation may result in not only shortening the product-life, but also malfunctions, fire hazard, or other accidents.

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not install the LCD TV near the ventilation duct of air- All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. conditioning equipment. Read all of the instructions given here and retain them for This LCD TV should be operated only from the type of power later use.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 5: Preparation


  • Page 6

    PREPARATION PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS (Each button on the control panel has the same function with its counterpart on the remote SIDE CONTROLS controls. ) buttons CHANNEL UP/DOWN Used to Change channels. Used to select items. VOLUME (+/-) buttons Adjust the volume level. Adjust the value of the selected item in the On- Screen Menu.

  • Page 7: Preventing The Tv From Falling

    PREVENTING THE TV FROM FALLING OVER PREVENTING THE TV FROM FALLING OVER Carry out the steps given below to stabilize the TV that it will be safe in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, and so that it will not fall over during normal use. Use the marketed bands and screws to fasten the TV securely to the TV stand etc.

  • Page 8: Connecting Outdoor Aerial

    CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING OUTDOOR AERIAL CONNECTING OUTDOOR AERIAL Cable used for connectting outdoor Outdoor aerial with aerial jack. Aerial ( This cable not supplied with this LCD TV.) CONNECTING INDOOR AERIAL AERIAL JACK Cable used for connectting wired socket with aerial jack.

  • Page 9: Connecting Video Equipment

    CONNECTING LCD TV CONNECTING VIDEO EQUIPMENT Cables used for connection LCD TV. (These cables are not supplied with this NOTE : When connecting the cable, AC Power Cords of both LCD TV and external equipment should be disconnected from AC outlet. DVD (RCA x 3) DVD Playe Component Video Source...

  • Page 10: Before Operation

    Sanyo VCR's or DVD SOUND SYSTEM button player's remote controls. Refer to the operation by the manual instruction of Sanyo VCR or DVD player to use BASS button these buttons. STILL button SURROUND button SOUND button Note: In different mode, some keys have different functions.

  • Page 11: Operation Range

    BEFORE OPERATION OPERATING RANGE Point Remote Control toward LCD TV (Infrared Remote Receiver) whenever pressing the buttons. Maximum operating range for Remote Control is about 16.4' (5m) in front, about 30º to the left or the right, about 15º for up or down.

  • Page 12: On-screen Menu

    BEFORE OPERATION ON-SCREEN MENU Note: "Tint" can only works in NTSC system. MENU LIST "Tuner" can only works in TV mode. Picture Brightness Contrast Sound Colour Tuner Tint Sharpness Time White Tone Setup Advanced Settings ••• PC Adj. Adjust Return Exit Select BACK...

  • Page 13

    BEFORE OPERATION MENU LIST (Continue) MAIN MENU Picture Brightness Contrast Sound Colour Tuner Tint Sharpness Time White Tone Setup Advanced Settings ••• PC Adj. Adjust Select Return Exit BACK MENU Tuner MENU Picture Auto Search >>> Semi-Auto Search >>> Sound Manual Search >>>...

  • Page 14: Setup Menu

    BEFORE OPERATION MENU LIST Note: "PC Adj." doesn't work if no signal is input in PC mode. "PC Adj." can only works in PC mode. Picture Brightness Contrast Sound Colour Tuner Tint Sharpness Time White Tone Setup Advanced Settings ••• PC Adj.

  • Page 15: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION TURNING ON / OFF LCD TV SIDE CONTROLS Complete the peripheral connections before turning on LCD TV. (Please refer to "CONNECTING LCD TV".) Connect the LCD TV's AC power cord into an AC outlet. Press ON/STAND-BY button on Side Controls of LCD TV or on Remote Controls to turn it ON.

  • Page 16: Channel Selection

    BASIC OPERATION CHANNEL SELECTION There are 256 channels can be selected on the LCD TV. DIRECT SELECTION ■ For direct access to programmes using the (0-9) numeric button. 1) For selection of channel position 0 - 9. Example: For channel position 8, press the “8” button. To select channel 8: Press "8"...

  • Page 17: Channel Recall

    BASIC OPERATION CHANNEL RECALL REMOTE CONTROLS Press CHANNEL RECALL button to switch between the previous channel and the current channel. For example, now you are watching channel "4", but you watched CHANNEL channel "2" previously. If you press CHANNEL RECALL button, chan- RECALL nel "2"...

  • Page 18: Volume Control

    BASIC OPERATION VOLUME CONTROL To adjust the volume value desired by pressing VOLUME(+/-) buttons REMOTE CONTROLS on Remote Controls or on Side Controls. The volume dialogue box will appear on the screen for a short while. Press VOLUME(+) button to increase volume, and press VOLUME(-) button to decrease volume.

  • Page 19: Zoom

    BASIC OPERATION ZOOM ZOOM button "Normal" and "Natural Wide" by pressing WIDE button on Remote Full Controls. Zoom This function doesn't work if the picture is black out. This function doesn't work in PIP or POP mode. Only "Full" mode can be selected when the input mode is "PC" 、 "HDMI"...

  • Page 20: Picture

    BASIC OPERATION PICTURE Select image level by pressing PICTURE button on Remote Controls. Personal Personal User presets picture adjustment in Picture mode. Standard Standard Natural and splendid picture level preset on this LCD TV. Dynamic Dynamic Bright and dynamic picture. It is suitable for nice playback, such as DVD program.

  • Page 21: Current Timer

    BASIC OPERATION TIMER You can set Current Time , Off Time , On Time and On Position functions. Only after setting Current Time, you can select another one to set. If On Time hasn't been set ,you can not select On Position. button TIMER button VOLUME(+/-) buttons...

  • Page 22: On Timer

    BASIC OPERATION ON TIME Once On Time has been set, you won't miss any opportunity to watch the program you like. Once On Time has been set, when the set time is reached, the LCD TV will leave the stand-by status and enter to the preset channel position automatically.

  • Page 23: Pip/pop Operation

    BASIC OPERATION PIP/POP OPERATION Using PIP function, you can enjoy a TV program and an image such as HDMI input from a side terminal at the same time. Only the sound on the main picture is heard from the TV speaker or the headphone jack. The sound on the sub-picture can- not be heard.

  • Page 24: Operation Of Remote Control (in Text Mode)

    BASIC OPERATION OPERATION OF REMOTE CONTROL (IN TEXT MODE) ON/STAND-BY button MUTE button TEXT REVEAL button TEXT CANCEL button NUMERIC buttons PAGE UP / DOWN buttons TEXT SUBCODE button TEXT INDEX button VOLUME ( +/- ) buttons VOLUME - ( )button VOLUME + ( )button...

  • Page 25: Text/tv

    BASIC OPERATION TEXT/TV Press TXT/TV button to select teletext. Press again will display: REMOTE CONTROLS Note: TXT/TV button (it superimposed) are displayed simultaneously. image is displayed. However, the available key are the same as TEXT mode. the TXT/TV button is invalid. mode will be canceled, and it will become a TEXT screen.

  • Page 26: Text Subcode

    BASIC OPERATION TEXT SUBCODE 1 Press TEXT SUBCODE button, “110/..” will be displayed (e.g. the REMOTE CONTROLS current page is 110). 2 Press the NUMERIC buttons(0-9) to enter the sub page. For example, to select sub page 4, press NUMERIC buttons 0-0-0-4, and TEXT SUBCODE button "110/0004"...

  • Page 27: Text Red

    BASIC OPERATION TEXT RED The page of a red prompt is required. (also cancel mode) REMOTE CONTROLS TEXT RED button TEXT GREEN REMOTE CONTROLS The page of a green prompt is required. (also cancel mode) This button does’t work except for TEXT mode . TEXT GREEN button TEXT YELLOW...

  • Page 28: Menu Operation

    MENU OPERATION PICTURE Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. MAIN MENU (PICTURE MENU) Press VOLUME(+/-) buttons to enter into PICTURE menu. (Whenever this menu is accessed initially, Brightness will be the Picture Brightness default selection.) Contrast Sound Colour Tuner Tint...

  • Page 29: Sound

    MENU OPERATION SOUND Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. MAIN MENU(SOUND MENU) Picture Treble Press VOLUME(+/-) buttons to enter into SOUND menu. Bass (Whenever this menu is accessed initially, TREBLE will be the Sound Balance default selection.) Tuner Surround Bass Expander...

  • Page 30: Tuner

    MENU OPERATION TUNER Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. Press MAIN MENU(TUNER MENU) Picture Auto Search >>> Press VOLUME(+/-) buttons to enter into Tuner menu. (Whenever Semi-Auto Search >>> Sound this menu is accessed initially, Auto Search will be the default Manual Search >>>...

  • Page 31

    MENU OPERATION Manual Search MANUAL SEARCH MENU Manually tune a channel if it cannot be automatically tuned, such as when the signal is poor. Select channel “6”. Manual Search Search Return Exit BACK MENU Press VOLUME(+/-) buttons to start the channel searching. The VOLUME(+) button will move tuning toward the higher frequencies, and the VOLUME(-) button will move tuning toward the lower frequencies.

  • Page 32: Time

    MENU OPERATION Channel Swap To swap the channels between two stored programme positions. CHANNEL SWAP MENU Press MENU button to display the main menu. Picture Auto Search >>> Semi-Auto Search >>> Sound Press CHANNEL UP/ DOWN ( ) buttons to select the Tuner Manual Search >>>...

  • Page 33: Setup

    MENU OPERATION SETUP Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. MAIN MENU SETUP MENU Press CHANNEL UP/ DOWN ( ) buttons to select Setup. Press VOLUME(+/-) buttons to enter into Setup (Whenever Picture Menu Setup ••• this menu is accessed initially, Menu Setup will be the default •••...

  • Page 34: Pc Adj

    MENU OPERATION PC Adj. "PC Adj." doesn't work expect for PC mode. PC Adj. MENU "PC Adj." doesn't work if no signal is input in PC mode. Picture Auto Adjust >>> Press MENU button and the main menu will appear. H-Position Sound V-Position...

  • Page 35: Dealer Mode

    MENU OPERATION DEALER MODE The Dealer Mode has 5 different modes : Volume Lock, Tuning Lock, Start Select, Child Lock and Reset. REMOTE CONTROLS Volume Lock This function is used to limit the maximal volume. Tuning Lock The way to prevent owner from executing the Tuning function. Press CHANNEL UP/DOWN/LEFT/ Start Select...

  • Page 36: Appendix

    APPENDIX CLEANING LCD TV Be sure to disconnect the AC Power cord from AC outlet before cleaning the LCD TV. Clean your LCD TV as follows: The screen is likely to be damaged if it is not maintained properly. Do not use hard objects like a hard cloth or paper.

  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    APPENDIX TROUBLESHOOTING Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance, check the matters below once again. 1. Make sure you have connected LCD TV to your equipment as described in the section "CONNECTING LCD TV" . 2. Check cable connection. Verify that all external equipment and power cords are properly connected. 3.

  • Page 38: Technical Specifications

    Audio Monitor Output: L/R Stereo Output (RCA jack) x 1 set Headphone Jack : Mini stereo jack x1 Dimensions Width x Height x Depth LCD-32CA8Z 819mm X 624mm X 271mm Including Stand LCD-37CA8Z 935mm X 695mm X 271mm Including Stand...

  • Page 39

    APPENDIX CONFIGURATIONS OF PC TERMINALS PC IN (D-SUB) TERMINAL Terminal : D-SUB15 PIN Connect video output terminal of LCD TV to this terminal with PC Cable (not supplied). When connecting Macintosh computer, the MAC Adapter (not supplied) is required. Red Input No Connect Pin Configuration Green Input...

  • Page 40

    When input signal is digital from HDMI or DVD terminal, refer to the chart below. HDMI SIGNAL MODE COLUMN (recommended) DVD SIGNAL MODE COLUMN (recommended) Frame Resolution Frequency 56.2 1080P 67.5 1080P Audio Freq. Format : HDMI Signal Standard : HDMI1.0. SANYO Electronics CO., Ltd. Part No. 1AA6P1P5451-- N5KV (UH2 - B)

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