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Useful Advice; Maintenance And Cleaning; Technical Data - Black & Decker SM250 Manual


Table of Contents
2. Fully assemble the chopper.
3. Connect it to the electricity supply.
4. Turn the on/off knob (12) to the on 'I'
position to start the appliance.
5. Remove the pusher(1).
6. Feed the ingredients down the feeding
tube (2).
7. The pusher (1) can be used to guide
smaller ingredients onto the blade.
8. When finished, turn the on/off knob (12)
to the off '0' position to stop the
The appliance should be
disconnected from the mains
supply before removing the blade
The appliance will not operate
without the bowl lid fitted.
Do not operate the appliance
without the blade fitted.
The chopper should not be run for longer
than 2 minutes. After a continuous run of 2
minutes, the chopper should be allowed to
cool for at least 5 minutes before further

Useful advice

• Place the appliance on a clean, flat work
• When chopping is complete disconnect
the appliance from the power socket.
Maintenance & cleaning
• Switch the appliance off, remove the plug
from the power socket and wait until the
blade has stopped rotating.
• The appliance is easier to clean if you do
so immediately after use.
• Do not use abrasive cleaning agents,
scourers, acetone, alcohol etc. to clean
the appliance.
• All removable parts can be cleaned in a
• All removable parts can be cleaned with a
cleaning brush in warm water with some
washing-up liquid and rinse them under
the tap.
• Remove the dirty parts from the motor
• Clean the motor unit with a damp cloth.
Warning! Never immerse the motor unit in
water nor rinse it under the tap.

Technical data

Power consumption
Net Weight
220 – 240 Volts
50/60 Hz
200 W
1.4 Kg


Table of Contents

Table of Contents