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Safety Precautions - DeVilbiss JGA-510-98FX Service Manual

Pressure feed high volume low pressure spray gun
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This manual contains information that is important for you to know and understand. This information relates to USER SAFETY and PREVENTING
EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help you recognize this information, we use the following symbols. Please pay particular attention to these sections.
Important safety information – A hazard that
may cause serious injury or loss of life.
The following hazards may occur during the normal use of this equipment.
Please read the following chart before using this equipment.
Solvent and coatings can be highly flammable or
combustible especially when sprayed.
Solvent Spray
During use and while cleaning and flushing,
solvents can be forcefully expelled from fluid and
air passages. Some solvents can cause eye injury.
Inhaling Toxic
Certain materials may be harmful if inhaled, or if
there is contact with the skin.
Explosion Hazard –
Halogenated hydrocarbon solvents – for example;
methylene chloride and 1, 1, 1 - Trichloroethane
are not chemically compatible with the aluminum
that might be used in many system components.
The chemical reaction caused by these solvents
reacting with aluminum can become violent and
lead to an equipment explosion.
General Safety
Improper operation or maintenance of equipment.
Cumulative Trauma
Use of hand tools may cause
Disorders (CTD's)
cumulative trauma disorders ("CTD's").
CTD's, or musculo-
CTD's, when using hand tools, tend to affect the
skeletal disorders,
upper extremities. Factors which may increase
involve damage to
the risk of developing a CTD include:
the hands, wrists
1. High freequency of the activity.
elbows, shoulders,
2. Excessive force, such as gripping, pinching,
neck and back.
or pressing with the hands and fingers.
Carpal tunnel
3. Extreme or awkward finger, wrist, or arm
syndrome and
tendinitis (such
4. Excessive duration of the activity.
as tennis elbow
5. Tool vibration.
or rotor cuff
6. Repeated pressure on a bod part.
syndrome) are
7. Working in cold temperatures.
examples of CTD's.
CTD's can also be caused by such activities as
sewing, golf, tennis and bowling, to name a few.


Important information that tells how to pre-
vent damage to equipment, or how to avoid a
situation that may cause minor injury.
Adequate exhaust must be provided to keep air free of
accumulations of flammable vapors.
Smoking must never be allowed in the spray area.
Fire extinguishing equipment must be present in the spray area.
Wear eye protection.
Follow the requirements of the Material Safety Data Sheet supplied
by your coating material manufacturer.
Adequate exhaust must be provided to keep the air free of toxic
Use a mask or respirator whenever there is a chance of inhaling
sprayed materials. The mask must be compatible with the material
being sprayed and its concentration. Equipment must be as
prescribed by an industrial hygienist or NIOSH approved.
Guns with stainless steel internal passageways may be used with
these solvents. However, aluminum is widely used in other spray
application equipment – such as material pumps, regulators,
valves and cups. Check all equipment items before use and
make sure they can also be used safely with these solvents.
Read the label or data sheet for the material you intend to
spray. If in doubt as to whether or not a coating or cleaning
material is compatible, contact your material supplier.
Operators should be given adequate training in the safe use &
maintenance of the equipment (in accordance with the require-
ments of NFPA-33, Chapter 15). Users must comply with all local
and national codes of practice & insurance company requirements
governing ventilation, fire precautions, operation, maintenance
and housekeeping. These are OSHA Sections 1910.94 and
1910.107 and NFPA-33.
Pain, tingling, or numbness in the shoulder, forearm, wrist,
hands or fingers, especially during the night, may be early
symptoms of a CD. Do not ignore them. Should you experience
any such symptoms, see a physician immediately. Other early
symptoms may include vague discomfort in the hand, involve
loss of manual dexterity, and nonspecific pain in the arm.
Ignoring early symptoms & continued disability.
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Information that you should pay special at-
tention to.
WARNING: This product contains
chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer and birth
defects or other reproductive harm.
SB-2-187-H (6/2015)