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Care And Maintenance - LG WT5070C series Service Manual

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When There Is The Possibility Of Freezing Temperatures
• Close the water taps and remove the water supply hoses.
• Remove the water which remains in the water supply.
• Lower the drain hose and drain the water in the sump and the drain hose by running a spin cycle.
If Frozen
• Remove the water supply hose and immerse it in HOT water. (40° C or 104° F).
• Pour approximately 2 liters (½ gallon ) of HOT water (40° C or 104° F) into the sump and allow it to stand for
at least 10 minutes.
• Connect the water supply hose to the water tap. Run an Express Wash cycle to confirm that the machine fills,
drains, and operates properly.
Wash Inner-Tub
Inlet Hoses
Long Vacations
Cleaning The Inside Of Your Washer
If you use fabric softener or do regular COLD water washing, it is very important that you
clean the inside of your washer occasionally as described below.
• Fill your washer with HOT water.
• Add 1 cup of bleach.
• Let it operate for several minutes.
• Stop the washer, open the lid, and leave it to soak overnight.
• After soaking, drain the washer and run it through a normal cycle.
Products That Might Damage Your Washing Machine
• Concentrated bleaches and diaper sanitizer will cause damage to the paintwork and components of
your washer.
• Hydrocarbon solvents, i.e. gasoline, kerosene, paint thinners, and lacquer thinners, etc. can dissolve plastic
and blister paint.
(Be careful when washing garments stained with these solvents as they are flammable; DO NOT put
them in washer or dryer.)
• Some pretreatment sprays or liquids can damage your washer's control panel.
• Use of dyes in your washer may cause staining of the plastic components. The dye will not damage
the machine but we suggest you thoroughly clean your washer afterwards. We do not recommend
the use of dye strippers in your washer.
• Do not use your washer lid as a work surface.
Leave the lid open after washing to allow moisture to evaporate. If you
want to clean the inner-tub use a clean soft cloth dampened with liquid
detergent, then rinse. (Do not use harsh or gritty cleaners.)
Hoses connecting washer to faucet should be replaced every 5 years.
Immediately wipe off any spills. Wipe with damp cloth. Avoid hitting surface with sharp objects.
Be sure water supply is shut off at faucets. Drain all water from hoses if weather will be
below freezing.

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Table of Contents

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