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Drain Pump - LG WT5070C series Service Manual

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Table of Contents
7) Disassembly of the Back Cover and

Drain Pump

① Remove the screws that attach the back cover and
take it off.
② Disconnect the leads and the drain hose from the
drain pump.
③ Remove the pump attachment screws and the lead
connector. Take the pump assembly out of the
8) Disassembly of Damper Assembly
① Remove the top cover of the washing machine.
② As shown in the drawing, lift the damper assembly
and remove it along with the outer tub assembly.
③ Damper assembly shall not be disassembled.
Replace damper as assembly.
9) Disassembly of Rotor and Stator
① Use a wrench (M24) to remove the nut that
connects the rotor to the shaft.
(The torque should be 200 kgf/cm or 88 foot-
② Remove the rotor by pulling it straight off the
splined shaft.

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Table of Contents

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