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KM 90/60 R LPG Adv
59646800 08/13


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Kärcher KM 90/60 R LPG Adv

  • Page 1 KM 90/60 R LPG Adv 59646800 08/13...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Please read and comply with For additional information about spare – Contents these original instructions prior parts, please go to the Service section to the initial operation of your appliance and at General notes ... EN .
  • Page 3: Proper Use

    Proper use Safety instructions Drive mode Danger Use this sweeper only as directed in these Application operating instructions. Risk of injury! The machine with working equipment This sweeper has been designed to – – Danger of tipping if gradient is too high. must be checked to ensure that it is in sweep dirt and debris from outdoor sur- The falling and rising gradients in the di-...
  • Page 4: Transport

    First close the cylinder valve before Close all cylinder and main valves be- – – Liabilities of the factory management loosening the pipe or tube connection. fore working in repair workshops and and the employee Unscrew and loosen the connection nut protect the gas cylinders against effect All persons handling liquid gases are li- –...
  • Page 5: Operating And Functional Elements

    Operating and Functional Elements 1 Operating field Operating field Function 2 Steering wheel 3 Lever for seat adjustment 4 Seat (with seat contact switch) 5 Holder for gas cylinder 6 Gas cylinder 7 Holding rail for home base 8 Cover 9 Gas engine 10 Stop switch 11 Rear wheel...
  • Page 6: Before Startup

     Slide the machine over the prepared Before Startup Start up ramp from the pallet. The machine can be moved in 2 ways: Open/ close device hood General notes (1) By pushing it (see Moving sweeper Note: The machine has been fitted with an without engaging self-propulsion).
  • Page 7: Operation

     Place the cylinder in such a way that the Programme selection Drive the machine connection threading of the locking valve vertically points upwards. Caution Note: A fitting position towards the top Always press the accelerator pedal careful- is important for the function of the gas ly and slowly.
  • Page 8: Emptying Waste Container En

    Note: To achieve an optimum cleaning re-  Secure the machine with tensioning Emptying waste container sult, the driving speed should be adjusted straps or cables. Note: After parking the appliance, wait at to take specific situations into account.  When transporting in vehicles, secure least 1 minute before opening or emptying Note: During operation, the waste contain- the appliance according to the guide-...
  • Page 9: Maintenance And Care

     Check function of all operator control el- Remove rear panel Maintenance and care ements. For certain maintenance tasks (e.g. change  Check function of seat contact switch. General notes of the battery) it is necessary to the remove Weekly maintenance: the rear panel first.
  • Page 10 Safety notes regarding the batteries Installing and connecting the battery Replacing wheel Please observe the following warning notes  Remove the tail panel.  Park the sweeper on an even surface. when handling batteries: Refer to Chapter "Maintenance tasks/  Remove ignition key. removing the rear panel".
  • Page 11 Check engine oil level and top up, if re- Change the air filter quired Danger Danger Risk of burns on account of hot surfaces! Risk of burns on account of hot surfaces!  Allow engine to cool down.  Allow engine to cool down. ...
  • Page 12 Checking roller brush  Park the sweeper on an even surface.  Set programme switch to step 1 (driv- ing). Roller brush is raised.  Turn ignition key to "0" and remove it.  Secure the machine with wheel chock(s) to prevent it from rolling away. ...
  • Page 13  Side sealing strips  Slightly loosen retaining nuts for the side sealing strip (to replace, unscrew).  Screw on new sealing strip without fully tightening the nuts.  To set the floor clearance, insert a sheet with a thickness of between 1 and 3 mm under the sealing strip.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Fault Remedy Appliance cannot be started Sit on the driver seat, the seat contact switch gets activated. Check, if the stop switch on the combustion engine is in the "ON" position. Gas bottle empty - replace gas bottle. Gas removal valve closed - open the valve by turning it in anti-clockwise direction. Check gas lines, connections and joints Charging battery Check and clean spark plug, replace if necessary.
  • Page 15: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications KM 90/60 R LPG Adv Machine data Length x width x height 1695 x 1060 x 1300 Net weight (transport weight) Permissible overall weight Driving speed km/h Cleaning speed km/h Climbing capability (max.) Roller brush diameter Roller brush width...
  • Page 16: Ec Declaration Of Conformity En

    EC Declaration of Conformity Accessories We hereby declare that the machine de- Side brushes, 6.906-132.0 scribed below complies with the relevant standard basic safety and health requirements of the For cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas. EU Directives, both in its basic design and construction as well as in the version put Hard side-brushes 6.905-625.0...
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