Remote Control - Sanyo MCD-ZX570M Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder
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The apparatus shall not be exposed to drip-
ping or splashing.
Do not use where there are extremes of tem-
perature (below 5°C or exceeding 35°C).
Because of the CD player's extremely low
noise and wide dynamic range, there might
be a tendency to set the volume on the am-
plifier unnecessarily high. Doing so may pro-
duce an excessively large output from the
amplifier which could damage your speakers.
Sudden changes in the ambient temperature
may cause condensation to form on the op-
tical lens inside the unit. If this happens, take
out the disc, leave the unit for about 1 hour,
and then proceed to operate.
Do not install this equipment in a confined
space, such as a book case or built in cabinet.
No object filled with liquids, such as vases,
shall be placed on the apparatus.
1. Function switch (FUNCTION)
2. CD compartment
3. Radio band switch (BAND)
4. Tuning control (TUNING)
5. Frequency indicator
6. CD compartment opening button (CD OPEN)
7. Record button (REC)
8. Play button (PLAY)
9. Rewind button (REW)
10. Fast forward button (F.FWD)
11. Stop/Eject button (STOP/EJECT)
12. Pause button (PAUSE)
13. Bass expander button (BASSXPANDER)
14. Headphones socket (PHONES)
15. Volume control (VOLUME)
16. Play/Pause button ( i )
17. Stop/Clear button ( n )
18. Repeat button (REPEAT)
19. MP3 CD's folder select buttons
(– FOLDER +)
20. Cassette holder
21. CD track number display
22. Remote sensor (IR)
23. Skip/Search/MP3 CD's file select buttons
24. Memory button (MEMORY)
25. FM mode/Beat cancel switch
26. Telescopic aerial
27. AC input socket (AC INPUT~)
28. Battery compartment lid


Controls (Fig. 3)
1. Play/Pause button ( i )
2. Stop button ( n )
3. Repeat button (REPEAT)
4. Skip/Search/MP3 CD's file select buttons
(e/FILE +, f/FILE –)
5. MP3 CD's folder select buttons
( – . . . . FOLDER . . . . +)
6. Memory button (MEMORY)
Installing batteries
Install two "AAA/R03" batteries (not supplied) as
shown in Fig. 4.
Remote control range (Fig. 5)
The buttons on the remote control perform similar
functions to similarly marked buttons on the front

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