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Power Supply; Battery Power; General Operation - Sanyo MCD-ZX570M Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder


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Connect one end of the AC lead to the AC
INPUT~ socket and the other end to an AC outlet.
The installed batteries are automatically dis-
connected when the mains lead is connected
to the unit.
The FUNCTION switch is mounted on the
secondary side. The unit is not disconnected
from mains, even switched off.


Installing batteries
Install eight "D/R20" batteries (not supplied) as
shown in Fig. 2.
Cautions on batteries
To prevent battery electrolyte leakage, which
may result in injury and damage to the unit or
other objects, observe the following precautions:
1. All batteries must be installed with the proper
polarity (see diagram on the rear of the unit).
2. Do not mix new with old or used batteries.
3. Only use batteries of the same type and
4. Remove the batteries when they are not to
be used for a long period time.
5. When the batteries have become discharged,
they must be disposed of in a safe manner
which complies with all applicable laws.


Adjusting the volume
Turn the VOLUME control.
Bass expander button
Press the BASSXPANDER button to Z ON to
enhance the bass sound.
Connect stereo headphones (not supplied) to the
PHONES socket for monitoring or for private
listening. The speakers are automatically discon-
nected when headphones are connected.
Use compact discs bearing the symbol shown in
Fig 6. In addition to conventional 12 cm CDs, this
system can be used to play 8 cm CDs without an
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to CD. CD track
number display lits up.
2. Press the CD OPEN button. The CD com-
partment opens.
3. Place the disc with the label facing up on the
turntable (Fig. 7). (Place only one disc at a
4. Press the CD compartment lid (PUSH TO
CLOSE portion) to close it. The total number
of tracks on the disc appears on the CD
TRACK NO. display.
5. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button.
The current track number appears. Play
starts from the first track.
To start play from the desired track, select
the track by using the SKIP/SEARCH
buttons, then press the PLAY/PAUSE
If a disc is loaded upside down, or if no disc
is loaded, "- - -" appears, the CD player will
not operate.
6. Press the STOP button to end disc play.
When the last track has been played, the
player stops automatically.
7. To turn the CD player off, set the FUNCTION
switch to TAPE/OFF.
Do not open the CD compartment during CD
play. Always press the STOP button and wait for
the disc to stop rotating before opening the CD

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents