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Listening To The Radio; Maintenance - Sanyo MCD-ZX570M Instruction Manual

Cd portable radio cassette recorder
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1. Set the FUNCTION switch to RADIO.
2. Select the desired radio band with the BAND
3. Tune in a desired station by turning the TUN-
ING control.
4. To turn the radio off, set the FUNCTION
switch to TAPE/OFF or CD.
To receive FM stereo broadcasts
Set the FM MODE switch (the rear of the unit) to
If the signal from an FM stereo station is weak
and reception is poor, set the FM MODE
switch to MONO. The reception may be
improved, but the sound will be monaural.
To improve reception
FM: Pull out the telescopic aerial and adjust
its position.
AM: Rotate the unit.
Recording copyright material without permission
of the copyright owner is usually an infringement.
If you wish to re-record copyright material, per-
mission from the copyright owner is necessary.
SANYO does not approve of, and cannot be held
responsible for, any unlawful use of this machine.
Recording compact discs (Synchronous
1. Load a blank cassette.
2. Select "CD" function.
3. Load the disc to be recorded.
Select the track number if required.
For programmed recording, programme
the material in advance (as described
4. Press the REC button. The PLAY button is
engaged simultaneously and CD recording
5. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop
Recording from the radio
1. Load a blank cassette.
2. Tune in the radio station to be recorded.
3. Press the REC button to start recording.
4. Press the STOP/EJECT button to stop
When beat is heard
Beat (a high-pitched noise) may sometimes be
heard during the recording of radio broadcasts. If
this occurs, set the BEAT CANCEL switch (the
rear of the unit) to 1 or 2 position that reduces the
level of the beat noise.
Safeguards against accidental erasure
To protect side A, break out tab (1). To protect
side B, break out tab (2) (Fig. 9).
To erase or record a protected cassette,
cover the tab opening with adhesive tape (3).
The REC button cannot be depressed when
using a protected cassette.


Cleaning the tape heads
To ensure continued high performance, use a
cleaning tape (available from your local audio
dealer) to clean the head block of the deck after
about every 10 hours of use.
Cleaning the unit
Clean the outside of the unit with a clean soft
cloth, moistened with lukewarm water. Do not
use benzene, thinners, or alcohol since they will
mar the finish of the surfaces.
Cleaning the CD player Iens
The lens should never be touched. If dust is on
the lens, blow it off using a camera lens blower
(Fig. 10). (Consult your dealer.)

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