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GE HDB727K Use And Care Manual page 3

Convertible model
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Read all iMructiom before wi~ thk appliance.
safety pmautions, including the
intended purpose, as you
This dishwasher must b
properly insta~ed and lmted
in aaordanee with the
it k used. If you did not receive
an Mtiation ktructions sheet
with your dishwasher, you m
obtain one by contacting the
service location nearest you. See
page H fir additiod instructions.
protected and sti power-
–This appliance must be
grounding WN reduce the risk of
electric shock by providing a
path of least resistance br
electric current. This apptiance
is equipped with a cord having
an equipment-grounding
conductor and a grounding plug.
The plug must be plugged into
an appropriate outiet that is
accordance with M ld codes
and ordinances.
grounding conductor can msuh
in a risk of electric shock. Cheek
with a qudfled electrician or
doubt as to whether the
with the appliance; if it wti not
fit the outiet, have a
a qMed
Use ordy powder or liquid
marked "dishwasher sak" or the
marked, check the manti~r's
Load light plastic items so
th9 w~ not kome dislodged
and drop to the bottom of the
dishwasher-they might come
into contact with the heatig
unit and be damagd,
A. bate sharp items so that
th9 are not likely to damage
the door ~, and
element during or immediately
dishwasher udess M enclosure
panels m properly in place.
on the door or dish rack of the
if this appti is used @ or
near cMdren. Do not Wow
with this apptiance or any
wash pktic items tiess
operate your
sit on, or stand
discarded appliances and
shipping or packing materti
properly, Before discarding a
dishwasher, remove the door of
the washing compartment,
and wetting agents out of the
reach of chfldren, preferably in
a locked cabinet. Observed
warnings on container labels to
avoid persoti injury.
. T
prevent dishwasher
tipping over, do not extend both
racks when loaded, and do not
lean or pushdown on:
—open door
—upper rack when My
within your water heater. It can
and/or water pipes if hot water
has not been used for a period
of two weeks or longer.
if you have not used hot water for
two weeks or more, or move into
a residence in which the hot
water system may not have been
used for some time, turn on W
hot water faucets and Wow them
to run for seved minutes before
using any electrical appliance
which is coMwted to the hot
water system. This WW Wow
any hydrogen gas to escape.
do not smoke or use an open
flame or appliance during
this process.



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