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GE HDB727K Use And Care Manual page 2

Convertible model
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Help us
help you...
read this book carefully.
It is intended to help you operate
and maintain your new dishwasher
Keep it handy for answers to your
If you don't understand something
or need more help, write (include
your phone number):
Consumer Affairs
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
serial numbers.
You'll find them on a label just
inside the dishwasher door.
These numbers are dso on the
Consumer Product Ownership
Registration Card that comes with
your dishwasher. Before sending in
this card, please write these
numbers here:
Serial Number
Use these numbers in any
correspondence or service calls
concerning your dishwasher.
If you received
a dam~ed dish-her...
Immediately contact the deder (or
Save time and money.
Check the Problem Solver (pages
13 and 14). It lists causes of minor
operating problems that you can
correct yourself.
The power consumption of your
dishwasher can be minimized if
you follow these suggestions:
dishes accumulate in
dishwasher. When you put in a
partial load, use WNSE HOLD
cycle to rinse off heavy soils. Be
sure to latch door when waiting for
full load. This helps keep soils
moist, easier to remove.
Select cycle that uses least
amount of water to remove soil
from load. See pages 4 and 5.
right away, use your Drying Heat
heater off automatically and saves
energy. Dishes dry naturally over a
longer period such as overnight.



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