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GE HDB727K Use And Care Manual

Convertible model
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Appliance Registration
Care and Cleaning
China, Crystal, Sterling
Detergent, Detergent Guide 6,7
Dispenser CUPS
Door Latch
Electrical Requirements
Energy-Saving Tips
Model and Serial Numbers
Operating Guide
Cycle Selection
Drying Options
Soil Level
Plate Warmer
Problem Solver
Repair Service
Rinse Agent
Safety Instructions
User Maintenance Instructions 15
Winter Storage
GE Answer Center@
13, 14
Back Cover
Use and Care of



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  Summary of Contents for GE HDB727K

  • Page 1 Energy-Saving Tips Loading Model and Serial Numbers Operating Guide Cycle Selection Drying Options Soil Level Plate Warmer Problem Solver 13, 14 Repair Service Rinse Agent Safety Instructions User Maintenance Instructions 15 Warranty Back Cover Winter Storage Wood GE Answer Center@...
  • Page 2 Help us help you... The power consumption of your dishwasher can be minimized if serial numbers. read this book carefully. you follow these suggestions: You’ll find them on a label just It is intended to help you operate inside the dishwasher door. and maintain your new dishwasher full.
  • Page 3 Read all iMructiom before wi~ thk appliance. Use ordy powder or liquid discarded appliances and shipping or packing materti safety pmautions, including the properly, Before discarding a following: dishwasher. dishwasher, remove the door of the washing compartment, wash pktic items tiess intended purpose, as you marked “dishwasher sak”...
  • Page 4: How To Operate Your Dishwasher

    How to operate your dishwasher Cycle Indicator Dlai Door Latch For LIGHT WASH cycle: STEP 4. Select the Cycle and start STEP 1. Load your dishwasher with dishes, silverware, pots, pans, dishwasher. a. Be sure door is unlatched. bowls, etc. according to If your dishwasher drains into a instructions on pages 8 and 9.
  • Page 5: What Happens In Each Cycle

    Cycle selection hints . For PLATE WARMER cycle: It is important to follow the loading a. Load clean plates and dishes to instructions on pages 8 and 9. partial loads which will be washed be warmed. later. Select DRYING HEAT– b.
  • Page 6 How to choose and use laundry or run hot water for with H~ water. showers, give your water heater the right detergent. time to recover before operating the To get dishes clean and dry you use only powder or liquid dishwasher.
  • Page 7 How to prepare the dishes for washing You’ll find two detergent If this is your first dishwasher, or 3. Try to remove food scraps and dispensers on the inside door of if you’re replacing a much older place dishes in dishwasher before your dishwasher.
  • Page 8 How to load the ~PMCK load dishwasher How to your The top rack is best for glasses, cups and saucers. Cups This is a random mixed load, the most common type you and glasses fit best along the sides. This is the place for will have.
  • Page 9 How to load the B~~M WCK Fit plates and saucers between the pins. Load platters, Heavily soiled pots, pans and casseroles MUST be pots and bowls along the sides, in corners or in the loaded in the bottom rack, facing down. Prop broiler back.
  • Page 10 And what you can’t. Usually Material Safe Exceptions (not safe) Some If in doubt, check with the manuticturer. Or test wash hand-painted or over-thegl~ one pieeedaily for at least a month. Compare with the patterns fade. rest Of tie Set. Antique, meti-trimmed or Cheek manuMrer’s imtructions for your crys~l.
  • Page 11 How to comect elwtricity Caution, for wrsod safety: This appliance must be supplied with 120V, @Hz, and connectd to DO N~ USE AN EXTENSION an individud, properly grounded CORD OR AN ADAPTER PLUG branch circuit, protected by a E or WITH THIS APPLIANCE.
  • Page 12 How tome the Uticouple Before operating your How to connect the Unicouple Attach the Aerator Wucet Adapter. 1. Pull Unicouple anditshoses from It allows you to flush cold water The special aerator faucet adapter storage compahent located at rear out of the hot waterline so that you supplied with your dishwasher must of dishwasher and attach it to the can better regulate your water...
  • Page 13 PROBLEM DISHWASHER A fuse in your home maybe blown, or the circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker, Remove any other appliances from the circuit. WON’T RUN UNUSUAL NOISE Cookware may not be secure on rack pins. Or something Srndl may have dropped from the rack.
  • Page 14: The Problem Solver

    Pump out water by slowly if necessary. to overflow. That’s ,‘ ~ ~ ~ ‹ $titi~ muse wit why it’s so impo~t to use a detergent that’s If you need more help...@, toll free: GE -er Cente# consumer information semice...
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning

    If You Need Service Care and Cleaning USER MMNTEN~CE To obtain service, see your warranty on the back page of this book. We’re proud of our service and Clean the control panel with a want you to be ~leased. If for some lightly dampened cloth.
  • Page 16 To know what your legal rights are in your state, consult your local or state consumer affairs office or your state’s Attorney General. Warrantor: General Electric Company If further help is needed concerning this warranty, write: Manager—Consumer Affairs, GE Appliances, Louisville, KY 40225 39-5186 10-88...