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Samsung 7000 series User Manual Page 20

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Basic Features
■ 3D → 2D (Off / On): Displays the image for the left eye
This function is deactivated when 3D Mode set to
"2D → 3D" or Off.
■ Depth: Adjusts focus / depth in "2D → 3D" mode.
This function is only activated when the 3D Mode
is "2D → 3D".
■ Picture Correction: Adjusts the images for the left and
right eye.
■ 3D Auto View (Off / On): If 3D Auto View is set to On,
a "Side-By-Side" format HDMI signal with one of the
resolutions below is automatically switched to 3D. Here,
correct 3D information must be sent from the HDMI 1.3
If a 3D failure occurs due to a 3D information error,
set 3D Auto View to Off and manually select a
3D Mode using the
Support resolution (16:9 only)
1280 x 720p
1920 x 1080i
1920 x 1080p
Resolution supported for HDMI PC mode
The resolution for HDMI PC mode is optimized to 1920 x
1080 input.
An input resolution other than 1920 x 1080 may not be
displayed properly in 3D display or full screen mode.
How to watch the 3D image
To watch in 3D, wear 3D glasses and
press the power button on the glasses.
3D 3D
Using the LEFT / RIGHT keys on the remote control,
Using the LEFT / RIGHT keys on the remote control,
select the icon suitable for the picture on screen.
select the icon suitable for the picture on screen.
button or corresponding
Frequency (Hz)
60 Hz
60 Hz
24 / 30 / 60 Hz
U Move E Enter e Exit
U Move E Enter e Exit
U Move E Enter e Exit
1. Press the
menu will appear.
2. Press the ◄ or ► button, then select 3D.
To watch in 3D, wear 3D Active Glasses and press the
power button on the glasses.
3. Select OK, then press the ENTERE button.
4. Using the ◄ or ► buttons on your remote control, select
the 3D Mode of the image you want to view.
Some 3D modes may not be available depending
on the format of the image source.
Supported formats and operating specifications for
HDMI 1.4
Source signal format
1920x1080p@24Hz x 2
1280x720p@60Hz x 2
1280x720p@50Hz x 2
The mode is automatically switched to 3D mode for the 3D
video input in one of the formats above.
For the HDMI 1.4@24Hz format, the TV is optimized as
– Resolution First Display Mode: If Auto Motion Plus
is set to Off, Clear or Standard, you can watch the
video at a high resolution optimized to the resolution
of the source video.
– Judder Reduction Display Mode: When Auto
Motion Plus is set to Smooth or Custom, you can
watch a smooth picture without judder.
Before using 3D function...
When watching 3D images under a fluorescent lamp
(50Hz ~ 60Hz) or 3 wavelength lamp, you may notice
a small amount of screen flickering. If so, dim the
light or turn the lamp off.
3D mode is automatically disabled in following cases:
when changing a channel or the input source, or
accessing Media Play or Internet@TV.
Some Picture functions are disabled in 3D mode.
PIP is not supported in 3D mode.
Auto Program is disabled in 3D mode.
3D Active Glasses from other manufacturers may not
be supported.
When the TV is initially powered on, may take some
time until the 3D display is optimized.
If there is any other 3D product, electronic
devices such as a PDP or LCD TV, or wireless
communication devices nearby, the 3D Active
Glasses may not work properly due to mutual
interference. If there is a problem, keep other
electronic devices as far away as possible from the
3D Active Glasses.
button, then the Content View
Standard HDMI 1.4 3D



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