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Setting Up The Tv With Your Pc - Samsung 7000 series User Manual

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Photos of Media Play are shown in "2D → 3D"
mode only.
If lying on your side, the 3D-effects may not be
Note that watching TV while sitting too close to the
screen for many hours may weaken your eyesight.
Note that watching TV while wearing 3D Active
Glasses for many hours may cause a headache or
– If you feel headache, fatigue or dizziness, stop
watching TV and rest.
Some 3D pictures may startle or excite viewers. The
pregnant, elderly and epileptic and those suffering
from a weak heart or serious carsickness are
advised to avoid watching 3D pictures.
We don't recommend 3D pictures to those who are
in bad physical condition, who are in want of sleep or
who drank liquor.
When watching 3D pictures, ensure you do not place
any object that is harmful or can easily be broken
near you. Being startled or deluding yourself into
thinking that the 3D images are real may cause you
to crush a nearby object or get injured trying to move
your body.
Do not use the 3D Active Glasses for any other
purpose than watching 3D pictures.
– Wearing the 3D Active Glasses for any other
purpose (as general spectacles, sunglasses,
protective goggles, etc.) may physically harm you
or weaken your eyesight.
Warning against Photosensitive (light sensitive)
– Some viewers may see an unexpected image or
flash while watching a game or certain pictures,
or experience a stroke after watching certain
patterned images.
If you or any of your relatives has a history of
epilepsy or strokes, please consult a medical
If you have any one of the following symptoms or
conditions while watching 3D pictures, stop watching
immediately and rest: (If the symptom persists,
please consult a medical specialist.)
– dizziness, eye or facial instability, involuntary
movement, cramps, clouded consciousness,
mental disorder, disorientation or nausea
Parents' careful attention is required particularly
when children or teenagers are watching TV.
Please refrain from letting your children aged 6 or
under watch 3D pictures.
Picture Reset (OK / Cancel)
Resets your current picture mode to its default settings.

Setting up the TV with Your PC

Set the input source to PC.
MENUm → Picture → ENTERE
Auto Adjustment
Adjust frequency values/positions and fine tune the settings
Not available when connecting with an HDMI/DVI cable.
■ Coarse / Fine: Removes or reduces picture noise. If the
noise is not removed by Fine-tuning alone, then adjust
the frequency as best as possible (Coarse) and Fine-
tune again. After the noise has been reduced, readjust
the picture so that it is aligned to the center of screen.
■ Position: Adjust the PC's screen positioning if it does
not fit the TV screen. Press the ▲ or ▼ button to adjust
the Vertical-Position. Press the ◄ or ► button to adjust
the Horizontal-Position.
■ Image Reset: Resets the image to default settings.
Using Your TV as a Computer (PC) Display
Setting Up Your PC Software (Based on Windows XP)
Depending on the version of Windows and the video card,
the actual screens on your PC will probably look different, but
the same basic set-up information will apply in most cases.
(If not, contact your computer manufacturer or Samsung
1. Click on "Control Panel" on the Windows start menu.
2. Click on "Appearance and Themes" in the "Control
Panel" window and a display dialog-box will appear.
3. Click on "Display" and a display dialog box will appear.
4. Navigate to the "Settings" tab on the display dialog-box.
y The correct size setting (resolution) [Optimum: 1920 X
1080 pixels]
y If a vertical-frequency option exists on your display
settings dialog box, the correct value is "60" or "60 Hz".
Otherwise, just click "OK" and exit the dialog box.



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