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Using The 3 Rd (Cutlery) Rack; Loading The Cutlery Rack - Samsung DW80H994 Series User Manual

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Loading the cutlery rack

In addition to the standard cutlery basket in the lower rack, some models come with a cutlery rack.
The cutlery rack is best suited for fl atware and cooking or serving utensils. You can place cutlery and
utensils randomly or regularly on the cutlery rack.
Heavily soiled utensils or items with baked on foods should be placed in the lower cutlery basket for
the most eff ective cleaning.
Removing the Cutlery Rack
The entire cutlery rack can be removed if more space is needed on the upper rack for larger items.
Loading the cutlery pad
Some models come with a removable, foldable cutlery pad along with a cutlery rack. To use,
place the pad on the cutlery rack. and then place cutlery and serving and cooking utensils on the
pad in a random or regular fashion. After a wash cycle is complete, and the cutlery and utensils
are dry, you can fold the pad and carry the cutlery and utensils in the pad to their storage
Use caution when folding and moving the rack with a long thin item inside the pad.
The item may fall out in this process, causing physical injury.
It is advisable not to move the pad while it is wet.
Wait until the pad is dry.
The pad dries quickly after a wash cycle when exposed to
air for a few minutes.
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<Place items randomly or regularly.>
<Place items randomly or regularly.>
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Table of Contents