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Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Rack; Removing The Upper Rack (For Some Models) - Samsung DW80H994 Series User Manual

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using your dishwasher


You can adjust the height of the upper rack in your Samsung dishwasher so that the lower rack can
accommodate larger sized dishes. Depending on where you set the upper rack height, the lower rack can
accommodate plates up to 12 in. (30 cm) in diameter and the upper rack can accommodated plates up to
8 in. (20 cm) in diameter.
1. To lower the upper rack by 2 in. (5 cm), pull the
adjust handles located at the left and right sides
of the upper rack, and then push the upper rack
downwards slightly at the same time.
2. To raise the upper rack, just pull the upper rack
upwards. The adjuster handle will latch and the
upper rack will move to the high position.
We recommend adjusting the height of the
upper rack before loading dishes into the rack. If
you adjust the the rack after loading the dishes,
you may damage the dishes. If you do not
adjust with left and right handle together, the
dishwasher door may not close properly.
Pull out the upper rack from the tub until it is
fully revealed before adjusting the upper rack.
Using the glass support
You can load cups or glasses onto the glass support. This is also very
convenient for washing wine glasses. Hang your wine glasses onto the
pegs of the glass support.
You can fold the glass support back when it is not being used.


You can remove the upper rack to accommodate extra large items in the bottom rack. Take care that
you do not lose the holder rails during this process.
To remove the upper rack from the slide rail, pull the upper rack out from the tub until it is fully extended.
Hold down the holder rails on both sides to release the upper rack. Slide the upper rack out to the end of
one holder rail, and then lift it up.
Repeat the steps above with the other holder rail.
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Table of Contents