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Adjusting The Angle Of The Plate Supports - Samsung DW80H994 Series User Manual

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You can adjust the angle of the tines in the upper rack to three diff erent positions to match the size and
shape of your dishes. To adjust the tines, grasp the handle at the back of the rack, and then push it left or
right. See the illustration below.
In the lower rack, you can easily fold down the fold-down tines to make room for large items such as pots
and pans. Remove the rack from the dishwasher, and then fold down the tines one at a time. See the
illustration below.
Loading large items into the Zone Booster Areas
You can load large items such as pots and pans into the left
and/or right sides of the lower rack - the Zone Booster areas -
for more eff ective cleaning. When you select the Zone Booster
option, an additional, powerful jet is activated and directed at
items in the Zone Booster areas. Make sure pot handles and
other items do not interfere with the rotation of the nozzles and
the water refl ector.
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Upper rack
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Lower rack
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Table of Contents