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Kenmore 105.20001410 Use & Care Manual page 9

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Dead Band isused forautomatically changing t heHVAC system modes f romHeat t oCool o r
Cool t o Heat.If theroomtemperature keeps g oingintheopposite direction fromthecurrent
mode andexceeds t heDeadBand temperature, theI<enmore Smart T hermostat will automati-
callyswitch to thealternate mode. E xample: TheDeadBand issetto
5° F and the thermostat is
set to Cool mode at 70°F. If the room temperature drops down to 65°F, the system will switch
from Cool to Heat mode. The I<enmore Smart Thermostat can set the dead band from 2°F - 5°F
(2.5°C - 6°C).
Enter Filter setup by pressing Menu / Select.
You can set the number of hours before the thermostat will remind you to install a new filter.
There is a selection for 300, 500 and 700 hours. You can also reset the count to zero when you
change the filter.
Key Lock
To lock the keys and prevent them from being used, hold Up and Down together for 2 seconds.
A lock icon will appear. To unlock the keys for use, repeat the same process, the lock icon will
Remove Thermostat from Customer Assurelink Account
Pressthe Reset button on the bottom of the thermostat with a paper clip. When all the icons are
visible on the screen, press Up & Down for 2 seconds. Use the Up and Down keys to select the
"Yes" or the "No". Now press Menu/Select. If you selected "No", the thermostat wiil return to the
Main Screen. If you selected "Yes*', the "ReqDelete" screen wiil appear for 3 seconds, then the
Main Screen will return. The thermostat has been removed from the customer's online Assurelink
When the low battery
icon is ON, replace
the batteries
Don't leave any used up
in the thermostat.
The chemical
of drained
may damage
the thermo-
stat and cause it to malfunction.



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