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Kenmore 105.20001410 Use & Care Manual page 6

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Quick Change of Set Temperature for Temporary Hold and Permanent Hold
To increase the temperature, press Up when the thermostat is on the Home screen. To decrease
the set temperature, press Down. Press once for each degree of temperature change.
The latest set temperature will be stored and held until the next scheduled temperature change.
This wiii be displayed as TEMP HOLD. To make the adjusted setting permanent, press and hold
the Up or Down key for two seconds or until the display says PERM HOLD. To exit from TEMP or
PERM hold, press and hold the BACK key for 2 seconds, the thermostat wiii return to the
programmed schedule mode, displayed as SCHEDULE.
Set Heat/Cool
When you are on the Home screen, press System to change the HVAC system mode to one of
the following:
Auto, Heat, Cool, Off or Emergency Heat (for Heat Pump systems)
Set Fan Mode
When you are on the Home screen, press Fan to change Fan mode to one of the following:
Fan On, or Fan Auto
When the fan is running, the Fan icon will show in the display.
Setup Menu
PressMenu / Select, then press up or down to select one of the following setup functions:
Enter Vacation setup by pressing Menu / Select. Once within Vacation setup, set the start date
by entering Month, Day and Year. Use Up/Down to change the value and press Menu / Select
to confirm each. Similarly, set up the end date. The thermostat wiii also ask to set up the
temperature during vacation. For example, during winter, you can set to a low temperature such
as 55 ° F, to prevent house water pipes from freezing.



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