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Kenmore 105.20001410 Use & Care Manual page 8

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Display Installation s etup
This menu wiii show thecurrent H VAC system setting thatwassetupduringinstallation. It
should display oneofthefollowing:
(Electric h eatwithairconditioning)
(Gasheatwithair conditioning)
(Electric h eatwithout a ir conditioning)
(Gasheatwithout a irconditioning)
(Heat P ump with
0 reverse valve)
(Heat Pump with B reverse valve)
Set Temperature Unit in °F or °C
Use Up or Down to select °F or °C for all temperature displays. Press Menu Select to confirm
the selection.
Set Temperature Offset
The Kenmore Smart Thermostat has been factory calibrated so you usually do not need to set
any temperature offset. However, in some rare situations you find that the temperature is not
accurate enough, you can use this function to offset the displayed temperature from -7°F to
+7°F (-4°C to +4°C).
Set Auto Recovery
For multi-stage systems, the thermostat supports an auto recovery algorithm when there is any
set point change scheduled. If enabled, it wiii turn on the HVAC system earlier to avoid the
HVAC system needing to turn on a second or higher stage. This permits a gradual change of
temperature before the set time, rather than a sudden change at the set time. Under this menu,
you can select YES or NO to enable or disable auto recovery function.
Set Span and Dead Band of thermostat control
There are two key parameters for thermostat control: Span and Dead Band.
The Span defines the maximum possible range of the temperature variance from the set
temperature. For example, if you set the temperature to 70°F and set Span to I°F, the
temperature wiii swing from 69 ° F to 71°F. The Span setting range is from 0.5°F to 2°F (0.25°C
to 1°C).



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