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Sony PDW-U1 Operation Manual

Professional disc drive unit.
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2nd Edition (Revised 6)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 PROFESSIONAL DISC DRIVE UNIT PDW-U1 OPERATION MANUAL [English] 2nd Edition (Revised 6)
  • Page 2 To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. WARNING The PDW-U1 is classified as a CLASS 1 When installing the unit, incorporate a LASER PRODUCT. readily accessible disconnect device in the fixed wiring, or connect the power plug to...
  • Page 3 If you have any questions about this product, you may call; VAROITUS! Sony Customer Information Service Center 1-800- LAITTEEN KÄYTTÄMINEN MUULLA 222-7669 or KUIN TÄSSÄ KÄYTTÖOHJEESSA MAINITULLA TAVALLA SAATTAA Declaration of Conformity ALTISTAA KÄYTTÄJÄN...
  • Page 4 1. Utilisez un cordon d’alimentation (câble secteur à 2 fils)/fiche femelle/fiche mâle For the customers in Europe conformes à la réglementation de sécurité The manufacturer of this product is Sony locale applicable. Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, 2. Utilisez un cordon d’alimentation (câble Tokyo, Japan.
  • Page 5 Pour les clients en Europe WARNUNG Le fabricant de ce produit est Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Um die Gefahr von Bränden oder Tokyo, Japon. elektrischen Schlägen zu verringern, darf Le représentant autorisé pour EMC et la dieses Gerät nicht Regen oder Feuchtigkeit sécurité...
  • Page 6 Funkstörungen verursachen; in diesem Fall kann vom Betreiber verlangt werden, angemessene Maßnahmen durchzuführen und dafür aufzukommen. Für Kunden in Europa Der Hersteller dieses Produkts ist Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Der autorisierte Repräsentant für EMV und Produktsicherheit ist Sony Deutschland GmbH, Hedelfinger Strasse 61, 70327 Stuttgart, Deutschland.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1 Overview 1-1 Features ..................9 1-2 Example of Use ...............11 1-3 Supplied Software..............12 1-3-1 List of the Software............12 1-3-2 System Requirements.............12 Chapter 2 Names and Functions of Parts 2-1 Front Panel ................14 2-2 Rear Panel ................15 Chapter 3 Preparations 3-1 Software Installation ..............17 3-1-1 Windows Installation ............17...
  • Page 8 Chapter 5 Using the Software 5-1 Starting and Exiting the Utility Software ......30 5-1-1 Starting ................30 5-1-2 Exiting ................30 5-2 About the Application Software ..........31 Appendix Important Notes on Operation ............ 32 Condensation ................32 Specifications................. 32 Table of Contents...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Overview

    1-1 Features match. Frame frequency System group frequency The PDW-U1 is a compact and lightweight 59.94Hz 59.94P disc drive which, when connected to a 59.94i nonlinear editor, enables reading and writing of video and audio data. In 29.97P...
  • Page 10 drive into the computer, and to write data XDCAM preview environment files from the computer to the drive. By using the XDCAM Browser application software (Windows/Macintosh) on the User data recording mode supplied CD-ROM, you can easily construct an environment consisting of this User data (files other than XDCAM AV unit and other XDCAM devices that allows files) can be recorded on Professional Discs...
  • Page 11: Example Of Use

    The following figure shows an example system for reading or writing material recorded with a XDCAM camcorder on a computer connected to this unit. XDCAM camcorder Professional Disc DC IN PDW-U1 DC power supply Reading/Writing Laptop computer 1-2 Example of Use...
  • Page 12: Supplied Software

    1-3 Supplied Software 1-3-1 List of the Software The following software are supplied with the unit. Software Supported OS Function Recording medium XDCAM Drive Windows/ Basic software that allows you Professional Software Macintosh to connect this unit to a Disc Drive Unit computer and handle XDCAM CD-ROM video and audio data as files.
  • Page 13 Windows Item Requirement Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz or higher, or Intel Xeon 2 GHz or higher Memory 2 GB or more Free hard 2 GB or more disk space Monitor — Operating Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 or later system Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-bit/64-bit version, Service Pack 2 or later...
  • Page 14: Chapter 2 Names And Functions Of Parts

    Lights green when the 1 (power) button on malfunction may have occurred. In this case, contact the rear panel is on. your Sony service representative. b ACCESS indicator When the error is eliminated, the indicator goes off.
  • Page 15: Rear Panel

    For details, see 3-4-5 “To Eject Discs With the Unit Powered Off” (page 21). 2-2 Rear Panel f EJECT button Ejects a disc (see page 20). Notes • This button is disabled while the disc is being accessed. Either stop accessing the disc before ejecting, or eject by an operation from the computer.
  • Page 16 For information about how to use your security cable, refer to the instructions provided with the security cable. e Cable clamper Use this clamper to fix the cable of the AC adaptor. Clip the cable with the clamper as shown in the following figure.
  • Page 17: Chapter 3 Preparations

    Use “Add or Remove Programs” on the Control Panel to remove the old version of the Sony XDCAM Drive To use this unit, the necessary software Software. After doing so, be sure to must first be installed on the computer to restart the computer.
  • Page 18: Connections And Settings

    Notes • The XDCAM Drive Software (see page 17) must be installed in advance. • To disconnect the PDW-U1 from a Windows computer, run the “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog, and then disconnect the cable. Example connection 1: USB cable...
  • Page 19: Power Preparations

    3-3 Power 3-4 Handling Preparations Discs This unit can be powered by AC adaptor. 3-4-1 Discs Used for Connect the supplied AC adaptor and a Reading and Writing power cord (not supplied) to the DC power inlet connector (page 15) on the rear panel This unit uses the following professional of the unit.
  • Page 20: Write-protecting Discs

    Storage 3-4-4 Loading and • Do not store discs where they may be Unloading Discs subjected to direct sunlight, or in other places where the temperature or humidity To load and unload a disc, press 1 (power) is high. button to turn the unit on and light the •...
  • Page 21: To Eject Discs With The Unit Powered Off

    After ejecting the disc, it is not 3-4-5 To Eject Discs With necessary to return the screw to its the Unit Powered Off original position. The next time the unit is powered on, normal operation When the power is not supplied, it may not will resume.
  • Page 22: Chapter 4 Handling Files

    Handling Files Chapter 4-1 Overview When a computer is connected to this unit, you can handle video and audio data as files. 4-1-1 Directory Structure The following figure shows the directory structure of discs visible to a remote computer. 4-1 Overview...
  • Page 23: File Operation Restrictions

    a) Root directory b) Only when Naming Form is set to “free” in the User Settings screen of the utility software. c) Only when KLV files are contained. d) Directories and files automatically created through voice-over editing with a PDW-HR1 e) A directory in which to save planning metadata.
  • Page 24 Root directory File name Content Operations Read Write Rename Create Delete INDEX.XML Contains data for management of the audio/video material on the disc. DISCMETA.X Contains metadata to indicate the disc properties. MEDIAPRO. Contains a list of audio/video material on the disc, basic properties, related information, and information about...
  • Page 25 Clip directory File name Content Operations Read Write Rename Create Delete Clip file created by b) c) C*.MXF recording (MXF file) *: 0001 to 9999 Metadata file C*M01.XML generated automatically when C*.MXF file is created. *: 0001 to 9999 Other files Files other than the —...
  • Page 26 d) Multiple files cannot be opened Note simultaneously. e) Only when the utility software user setting It is not possible to create a directory within window has “Naming From” set to “free”. the Component directory. f) Any clip can be selectively deleted. Edit directory File name Content...
  • Page 27 a) The unit can handle files with user-defined d) When a C*.MXF file is deleted, the names in the “C*” part. C*S01.XML file with the same name in the b) When the “C*” part of a C*.MXF file name is “C*”...
  • Page 28: Preparations For File Access

    temporary work area in the directory and 4-2 Preparations the executable file stored in the directory must be avoided. for File Access Connect this unit to a computer (page 18). Turn this unit and the computer on. In the utility software setup menu, set items as required.
  • Page 29: File Access Operations

    4-3 File Access Operations Accessing files with nonlinear editing software For details of the file access operations, refer to the manual provided with the editing software to be used. Accessing files with Explorer/ Finder Start Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder and check that a drive letter has been assigned to this unit.
  • Page 30: Chapter 5 Using The Software

    Utility Software. • Click the Start button, and then select “All Programs” > “Sony XDCAM Drive” to start the Utility Software. On a Macintosh computer Open the folder in which the utility...
  • Page 31: About The Application Software

    5-2 About the Application Software The supplied Utility Software for XDCAM CD-ROM contains the XDCAM Browser software, which allows you to view and operate on clips recorded on Professional Discs. Refer to the installation guide and the PDF manual for information about how to install the application software and about application functions.
  • Page 32: Appendix

    Appendix Important Notes Specifications on Operation General Power requirements DC 12 V Condensation Power consumption When this unit is moved from a cold place 10 W to a warmer place, or operated in high Operating temperature humidity, condensation may form on the 5ºC to 40ºC (41ºF to 104ºF) optical pickup.
  • Page 33 25 Mbps: Approx. 85 min. 164 (6 18 Mbps: Approx. 112 min. MPEG HD (2 ch) 35 Mbps: Approx. 68 min. 25 Mbps: Approx. 90 min. 18 Mbps: Approx. 122 min. MPEG IMX 50 Mbps: Approx. 45 min. 40 Mbps: Approx. 55 min. 30 Mbps: Approx.
  • Page 34: Accessories Not Supplied

    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Notes • Always make a test recording, and verify that it was recorded successfully. SONY WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, COMPENSATION OR REIMBURSEMENT ON ACCOUNT...
  • Page 35 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation and is intended solely for use by the purchasers of the equipment described in this manual. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any portion of this manual or...
  • Page 36 Sony Corporation PDW-U1 (SYL) 4-131-292-06 (1) ©2007...

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