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Electrolux ELAP15 Owner's Manual page 9

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Place the unit away from drafty areas, as the sensors may not react
accurately. Do not place near curtains, furniture, or other items that
might inhibit air flow. Place the unit on a stable surface.
1. Remove protective film from the control panel.
2. Remove the front panel by pulling gently from the top portion of
the panel.
4. Install the Filter Cassette by gently sliding the entire cassette into
the air cleaner. It should fit perfectly.
5. Replace the front panel by hooking the panel on the bottom of the unit.
6. Plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
7. Press and hold the POWER button until a short "beep" sounds.
8. The air cleaner will take 3-4 minutes to calibrate the air quality sensor.
During this time the sensor lights will flash on and off. Once the sensor
has calibrated, the lights will be on "AUTO" mode.
3. Remove the Filter Cassette and remove the plastic wrapper
from it.
Electrolux Customer Service 1-800-896-9756


Table of Contents

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