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Carburetor Adjustment; Routine Maintenance - Electrolux Supreme 300L Instruction Manual

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CAUTION! Grip the knob of the
starter with one hand and hold the
machine in a stable position with the
other. (Take care not to wind the
starter string around your hand) and
pull slowly until you encounter some
resistance, then pull the cord sharply
and forcefully (to start the engine
when cold or warm follow the
procedures described).
CAUTION! Do not pull the starter
cord all the way and do not release it
abruptly against the machine as this
could damage it.
Startup of cold engine
• H1. Stop switch (A) turned to I opposite the
"STOP" mark.
• H2. Turn the fuel enrichment lever (B) to the
closed position.
• H3. Pump by pressing several times on the
bulb (C) until you see the fuel flow back into the
tank through the tube (D). Pull the starter cord
until the machine starts.
Let the engine run a few seconds holding the
brush cutter still. Grasp the control grip firmly and
Your machine can be equipped with a low
emission carburetor. We recommend that you
have any adjustment of the carburetor made
exclusively by an authorized service center,
which disposes of special equipment for
ensuring the best performance with the lowest
emissions. To adjust the speed to the minimum,
turn the screw marked (T) as shown: With the
engine running and well warmed up, turn the
screw (T) gently clockwise, until the engine
rotates at regular speed (stead noise), without
the cutting devices in motion. If the cutting
devices are moving, turn the screw (T) gently
counterclockwise until you obtain the proper
adjustment. The correct minimum speed is
Check periodically to see that all the screws in
the machine are securely fastened in place.
Replace damaged, worn, cracked or bent
blades. Always make sure the blade or nylon
string head is correctly installed and the nut
holding the blade is tight.
L1. Cleaning the air filter
(At least every 25 hours of work). A clogged filter
causes alteration of the carburetor adjustment,
reducing power and increasing fuel
consumption, as well as causing difficulties in
startup. Open the cover on the filter as shown in
accelerate, automatically the enrichment lever
will return to its original position.
Startup of warm engine
• H1. STOP switch turned to I (START). Throttle
trigger lever in minimum position (released).
• H4. Enrichment lever (B) in original position.
• H3. Pump by pressing several times on the
bulb (C) until you see the fuel flow back into the
tank through the tube (D). Pull the starter cord.
Stopping the engine
• H5. Turn the stop switch (A) to O (STOP).
I. Carburetor adjustment
shown in the instruction manual in the paragraph
of technical data.
The warranty may be invalidated due to
erroneous adjustments made by personnel not
belonging to authorized service centers.
L. Routine maintenance
the figure by pressing in the point indicated by
the arrow for release. Clean the inside of the filter
housing thoroughly (fig. L2). The filter can be
cleaned using gentle jets of compressed air. For
more thorough cleaning it can be washed in
soapy water.
L3. Gearbox
Every 50 working hours add grease for high
speed gears in the gearbox, through the hole
CAUTION! The cutting devices are
now rotating.
CAUTION! After stopping the engine
the rotating parts, blade or nylon
string head, keep spinning by inertia
for a few seconds. Grip the machine
firmly until they stop.
CAUTION! In case of emergency the
above delay can be abbreviated by
scraping the blade supporting cup
parallel on the ground.
CAUTION! All the above adjustments
should be made with the cutting
devices correctly installed.
CAUTION! Start the brush cutter in a
flat place. During startup stand in a
stable position. Make sure the blade
or nylon string head do not touch the
ground or any obstacles.



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