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Trace a graph
To move between
To jump directly to
a value
To turn trace on/off
Zoom within a
Apps and their views
Press the
the current graph (left or right respectively). The display
also shows the current coordinate position (x, y) of the
cursor. Trace mode and the coordinate display are
automatically set when a plot is drawn.
If there is more than one relation displayed, press
to move between relations.
To jump straight to a value rather than using the Trace
function, use the
enter a value. Press
If the menu labels are not displayed, press
Turn off trace mode by pressing
Turn on trace mode by pressing
One of the menu key options is
the plot on a larger or smaller scale. It is a shortcut for
changing the Plot Setup.
The Set Factors... option enables you to set the
factors by which you zoom in or zoom out, and whether
the zoom is centered about the cursor.
Meaning (with trace mode on)
Moves cursor one pixel left and right,
respectively on the current graph.
Switches the tracer from one graph to
to the previous or next, respectively, in
the list of symbolic definitions.
Moves the tracer to the leftmost or
rightmost point on the current graph.
Not applicable with trace mode on.
keys to move the trace cursor along
menu key. Press
to jump to the value.
, then
Zooming redraws


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