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Choose the
triangle type
Special cases
The indeterminate
No solution with
given data
Triangle Solver app
4. The Triangle Solver
app offers you two
input forms: a general
input form and a more
specialized form for
right triangles. If the
general input form is
displayed, and you are investigating a right-angled
triangle, press
form. To return to the general input form, press
. If the triangle you are investigating is not a
right-angled triangle, or you are not sure what type it
is, you should use the general input form.
If two sides and an
adjacent acute angle are
entered and there are two
solutions, only one will be
displayed initially.
In this case, an
menu key is displayed (as
in this example). You press
to display the
second solution and
again to return to
the first solution.
If you are using the
general input form and
you enter more than 3
values, the values might
not be consistent, that is,
no triangle could possibly
have all the values you
specified. In these cases, No sol with given data
appears on the screen.
The situation is similar if you are using the simpler input
form (for a right-angled triangle) and you enter more than
two values.
to display the simpler input


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