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Zanussi ZOB 343 User Manual

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ZOB 343



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi ZOB 343

  • Page 1 User manual Oven ZOB 343...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety information _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 Care and cleaning _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 10 Product description _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 What to do if…...
  • Page 3 • Install the appliance with its back and one side close • Always stay away from the appliance when you open to the higher appliance. The other side must be close the door while the appliance is in operation. Hot steam to appliance with the same height.
  • Page 4: Product Description

    Oven lamp Disposal of the appliance • Disconnect the appliance from the power supply before • To prevent the risk of physical injury or damage the replacement of the oven lamp. There is the risk of – Disconnect the appliance from the power supply. electrical shock! –...
  • Page 5: Daily Use

    Preheating 1. Set function and maximum temperature. 2. Run an empty oven for 45 minutes. 3. Set function and maximum temperature. 4. Run an empty oven for 15 minutes. This is to burn off any residue from the cavity surface. Accessories can become more hot than in normal use.
  • Page 6 Display Function Indicators Time display Function Indicators Button "+" Selector Button Button "-" Clock function Application Time of day Shows the time. To set, change or check the time. Minute minder To set a countdown time. A signal sounds, after the time period is completed. This function has no effect on the operation of the oven.
  • Page 7: Hints, Tips And Cooking Tables

    Safety thermostat a safety thermostat, which interrupts the power supply. The oven switches back on again automatically, when the To prevent dangerous overheating (due to incorrect use temperature drops. of the appliance or defective components), the oven has Hints, tips and cooking tables •...
  • Page 8: Bread And Pizza

    Fan cooking Cooking time TYPE OF DISH Notes [min] Temp [°C] Level Shortbread dough 2 (1 and 3) 24-34 In cake mould Butter-milk cheese cake 60-80 In cake mould 26 cm Apple cake (Apple pie) 2 (1 and 3) 100-120 2 cake moulds of 20 cm on the oven shelf Strudel 60-80...
  • Page 9 FLANS Fan cooking Cooking time TYPE OF DISH Notes [min] Temp [°C] Level Vegetable flan 45-60 In mould Quiches 40-50 In mould Lasagne 25-40 In mould Cannelloni 25-40 In mould Yorkshire pudding 20-30 6 pudding mould 1) Preheat for 10 minutes. MEAT Fan cooking Cooking time...
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Fan cooking Cooking time TYPE OF DISH Notes [min] Temp [°C] Level Tuna fish/Salmon 2 (1 and 3) 35-60 4-6 fillets Grilling Preheat the empty oven for 10 minutes, before cooking. Quantity Grilling Cooking time in minutes TYPE OF DISH Pieces Temp.
  • Page 11: What To Do If

    Clean the glass panel with water and soap. Dry the glass panel carefully. Installing the door and the glass panel After cleaning, install the glass panel in opposite order. Make sure that when you install the internal panel with a decorative frame, the screen-printing is on the outer side.
  • Page 12: Installation

    Problem Possible cause Remedy The oven does not heat up The necessary settings are not set Control the settings The oven does not heat up The fuse in the fuse box is released Control the fuse. If the fuse is re- leased more than one time, refer to a qualified electrician.
  • Page 13: Environment Concerns

    Applicable types of cables for UK only Connection via Min. size Cable/flex Cable/flex type Fuse • 13 A socket outlet 2,5 mm² Three core butyl insulated 13 A min. • 13 A spur box Oven Control Circuit 2,5 mm² PVC/PVC twin and earth 15 A min.
  • Page 16