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The cleaner the filter is, the better the product will perform.
• The dust bowl can also be washed in warm soapy water as shown in figure G.
Ensure that it is dry before re-attaching.
Never immerse the product in water. A damp cloth and soapy water should be used
to clean the exterior of the motor section. Always ensure the product is completely dry
before re-use or storing.
• When fully charged, the average effective usage times are between 10-15 minutes.
• It may take several chargings before these times can be achieved.


If the product does not work, check the following:
• The charger was correctly plugged in for recharge. (It feels slightly warm to the touch.)
• The charger cord is not damaged and is correctly attached to the base.
• The charger is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
• Unit will not start.
• Battery will not charge. • Battery not inserted into charger.
For assistance with your product, visit our website www.blackanddecker.com for the location
of the service center nearest you or call the BLACK+DECKER help line at 1-800-544-6986.
The performance of your apliance depends on the accessory used. BLACK+DECKER
accessories are engineered to high quality standards and are designed to enhance the
performance of your apliance.
• Filter accessory number VF200SP.
Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean the vac. Never let any liquid get inside the
vac; never immerse any part of the vac into a liquid.
Make sure the vacuum is completely dry before using it.
adjustment (other than those listed in this manual) should be performed by authorized service
centers or other qualified service organizations, always using identical replacement parts.
The RBRC™ (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) Seal on the
lithium-ion battery (or battery pack) indicates that the costs to recycle the
battery (or battery pack) at the end of its useful life have already been paid
by BLACK+DECKER. In some areas, it is illegal to place spent lithium-ion
batteries in the trash or municipal solid waste stream and the RBRC program provides
an environmentally conscious alternative. RBRC in cooperation with BLACK+DECKER
and other battery users, has established programs in the United States and Canada to


• Battery not installed properly.
• Battery not charged.
• Charger not plugged in.
• Surrounding air temperature
too hot or too cold.
To assure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance and
Possible Cause
• Check battery installation.
• Check battery charging
• Insert battery into charger
until red LED appears.
• Plug charger into a working
outlet. Refer to "Important
Charging Notes" for more
• Check current at receptacle
by plugging in a lamp or other
• Check to see if receptacle is
connected to a light switch
which turns power off when
you turn out the lights.
• Move charger and tool to a
surrounding air temperature
of above 40 degree F(4,5°C)
or below 105 degree F
Possible Solution


Table of Contents

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