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Operation; Sd Card; Plug It In, Power On/Off - Uniden IGO CAM 820 Owner's Manual

Accident cam vehicle recorder
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SD Card

A compatible micro SD card is required to record and store
video and photos.
The unit can support micro SDHC cards (High Capacity SD) up to 32GB in
capacity. A micro SDHC card of at least 4GB capacity and minimum Class 6
speed is recommended.
Insert a formatted micro SD card gently in the slot at the bottom of the unit. To
remove the card from the slot, press the edge of the SD card inwards for it to
pop out and then pull it out of the slot.

Plug it in, Power On/Off

When connected to a car charger with power, the unit will power
on automatically, go into the record mode and start recording.
1. Connect the DC car adaptor to the power connector (USB port) found on
the device.
2. Connect the other end of the DC car adaptor to your car's cigarette lighter.
3. When connected to the car charger the unit will power on automatically
and start recording. When the car's engine is turned off, the unit will
automatically turn off in a few seconds.
At other times, press and hold the
Only use the DC car adaptor that comes with your device. Any
other adaptor might damage the device.
Power button to turn it on or off.
Vehicle Recorder

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