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Uniden iGO CAM 755 Owner's Manual

Accident cam vehicle recorder
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iGO CAM 755
Accident CAM
Vehicle Recorder
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden iGO CAM 755

  • Page 1 CAM 755 Accident CAM Vehicle Recorder For more exciting new products please visit our website: Australia:
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Uniden does not represent this product to be waterproof. Do not expose this product to Rain or Moisture. NOTE This product is intended for use in a motor vehicle. Don’t install the device where it will block the driver’s view of the road (including the mirrors!) or the deployment of any airbags.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Plug it in, Power On/Off ..................9 Record Mode ......................10 Photo Mode ....................... 14 Playback Mode ....................14 Connecting to a PC ..................15 iGO CAM Player ....................15 Special Features ....................17 Important Information ................... 19 Warranty ................20 UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 4: What Do I Do First

    USB Cable • Owner’s Manual • If any item is missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase immediately. Never use damaged products! • Need help? Get answers at our website: for Australian model. UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 5: Controls & Indicators

    Use to insert the windshield mount. • USB/DC IN Connect to External Power & charge battery. • Connect to PC for data (SD card) transfer. GPS Port Use to connect the external GPS antenna (included). UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 6 Use this button to switch between various modes - Record, Photo and Playback. In Menu list, move the cursor, one line down. RIGHT If the device fails to operate properly, try resetting the device. Press the reset button by using a fine pen or paperclip. Speaker Camera Lens UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 7: How Do I Put It In My Car

    It maybe a good idea to secure the power cord with cable clips so that it does not interfere while driving. Avoid rotating the unit at 360° as it might damage the cabling inside. Suction cups will not stick well on a curved/textured or wet surfaces. NOTE UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 8: Operation

    It is important to format the micro SD card before using it, so as to avoid any damage to the files created on iGO CAM 755. Uniden recommends using good quality micro SD cards. Battery Information The unit has an in-built battery of 250mAh capacity.
  • Page 9: Plug It In, Power On/Off

    - glows blue when the unit has detected the GPS signal. - remains gray when the unit is not connected to the GPS antenna. Only use the DC car adaptor that comes with your device. Any other adaptor might damage the device. NOTE UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 10: Record Mode

    SD card to record videos. NOTE Using the iGO CAM 755 you can record videos and take photos. To record videos, you need to ensure that the unit is in the Record mode.
  • Page 11 Opt to have the date, time and car plate number displayed on the recordings. Loop Record Use this option to set the length of each video clip. If you choose the option ‘Off’ then the recorder will not loop record and the files will not be overwritten on the micro SD card. UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 12 30sec locked recording when G Sensor picks up vibration. Unit must have sufficient battery power remaining in order to record. The G Sensor must also be turned on. Live View Choose to either have LIVE view or the speedometer displayed on the LCD. UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 13 Enable or disable this feature to sound a tone or go mute when you press the keys. Traffic Camera Alert Please refer to page 17. Over Speed Alert Enable this option to receive alerts when over the selected speed limit. Version Firmware version UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 14: Photo Mode

    Press Menu, the Playback Menu will open with the following two options displayed on the screen. Playback Mode: Select this option to play back or repeat one or all of the recorded videos Delete File Press OK to select a particular file and then press Menu to reveal the options, Delete this file, Delete all files. UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 15: Connecting To A Pc

    Connecting to a PC The iGO CAM 755 can be connected to a PC (plug the USB cable (supplied) into the USB/DC IN port). When the unit is connected to a PC, ‘USB Connected’ is displayed on the unit’s screen.
  • Page 16 ‘screenshot’. This folder is located in the GPS Player folder stored in your PC. GPS Player version is subject to change without notice. See Uniden website to download the latest GPS Player. NOTE UNIDEN iGO CAM 755...
  • Page 17: Special Features

    Speed Display. It also won’t work under the following resolutions; 2304x1296 30P and HDR 1920x1080 30P. 1. First, ensure that the iGO CAM 755 is mounted and powered on and the vehicle is safely parked.
  • Page 18 – truck drivers, etc. So the feature is not suited for drivers traversing short roads in city areas where deliberate lane changing is done often. UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 19: Important Information

    CAM Player. Cross-stripe interference in This is due to the light frequency. Change an image Anti-Flicker setting depending on the local power supply. Reset the unit, by pressing the R button. The unit crashes UNIDEN iGO CAM 755 Vehicle Recorder...
  • Page 20: Warranty

    (“Uniden Aust”). Terms of Warranty: Uniden Aust warrants to the original retail purchaser only that the iGO CAM 755 (“the Product”), will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the duration of the warranty period, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out below.
  • Page 21 Product, together with satisfactory evidence of your original purchase (such as a legible copy of the sales docket) to Uniden. Please refer to the Uniden website for address details. You should contact Uniden regarding any compensation that may be payable for your expenses incurred in making a warranty claim.
  • Page 24 © 2015 Uniden Australia Pty Limited. Printed in China...