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  Summary of Contents for Motorola HC700-L

  • Page 1 User Manual HC700-L Handheld Computer F3129A Model Main Menu 6802978C80-B @6802978C80@...
  • Page 3: Document Copyrights

    Motorola. Furthermore, the purchase of Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by impli- cation, estoppel. or otherwise. any license under the copyrights, patents or...
  • Page 4 MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA assumes no obligations or liability for additions or modifications to this warranty unless made in writing and signed by an officer of MOTOROLA. Unless made in a separate agreement between MOTOROLA and the original end user purchaser, MOTOROLA does not warrant the installation, mainte- nance or service of the Product.
  • Page 5 Product item, transportation and insur- ance prepaid, to an authorized warranty service location. Warranty service will be provided by Motorola through one of its authorized warranty service locations. If you first contact the company which sold you the Product, it can facilitate your obtaining warranty service.
  • Page 6 Product or parts as established by MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA will have no liability with respect to any claim of patent infringement which is based upon the combination of the Product or parts furnished hereunder with software, apparatus or devices not...
  • Page 7: Notational Conventions

    Notational Conventions Throughout this publication, you will notice the use of cautions and notes. These notations are used to emphasize that safety hazards exist, and care must be taken. CAUTION Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury. CAU- TION may also be used to alert against unsafe practices Caution and property-damage-only accident hazards.
  • Page 8 Motorola, will void the user's authority to operate the equipment. Caution Trademarks Motorola and the Motorola stylized M logo are registered trademarks of Motorola, Inc. SD is a registered trademark of SanDisk Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Cor- poration.
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    COMPUTER SOFTWARE COPYRIGHTS ... i Document Copyrights ........i Disclaimer............i Commercial Warranty........i Welcome............1 What is the HC700-L Handheld Computer? . 1 Unpacking............. 2 HC700-L Features ........4 Front Panel and Top Side Features....4 Rear and Bottom Side Features ......5 Charging the Battery........
  • Page 10 Cleaning ............22 ActiveSync (USB) Connectivity ....22 First Time Connection ........23 Troubleshooting ........... 23 viii...
  • Page 11: Welcome

    Hands Free Imager HFI200 - a small size imager/barcode reader, worn on two fingers. When docked in a cradle, the HC700-L supports RS232 and USB (1.1) serial communication with a host computer (USB ®...
  • Page 12: Unpacking

    L memory for at least 5 minutes until a fresh battery is placed. The HC700-L may use a line of Motorola docking cradles for network communications and power charging. The personal desktop cradle is designed for office use of the HC700-L.
  • Page 13 Note: Retain the original carton packaging in the event that the HC700-L should need to be returned for service. The HC700-L is shipped with a plastic film, protecting the screen. Before usage, remove the film and use a soft cloth to buff the screen.
  • Page 14: Hc700-L Features

    HC700-L Features Front Panel and Top Side Features Main Menu 1. Imager Window (see page 18) 2. Power Button with Status LED (see page 10) & (see page 11) 3. Right Scan/Picture Key (see page 18) 4. Speaker (see page 17) 5.
  • Page 15: Rear And Bottom Side Features

    Rear and Bottom Side Features 1. Identification barcode label (Used to link HC700-L with HFI200 by Bluetooth) 2. Left Scan/Picture Key 3. Battery Pack (see page 7) 4. Access Door to the Mini SD Memory Card (see page 21) 5. Hand-strap anchor 6.
  • Page 16: Charging The Battery

    The following sections describe the installation and charging of the battery of the HC700-L. The battery or HC700-L may carry warning symbols, defined as follows: Important safety information will follow. Your battery or HC700-L should not be disposed of in a fire.
  • Page 17: Battery Replacement

    5. Carefully, press the battery top downward until it clicks and locks in place. 6. Press the Power Button - the HC700-L is now ready for use. First Time Battery Charge Charge the battery before using the HC700-L for the first time until the status LED inside the Power Button shows steady green.
  • Page 18: Routine Battery Charge

    During the charge, the Status LED inside the Power Button shows steady red and turns green when charging is completed. Important: The battery will not charge if the HC700-L is not properly docked in the cradle. Battery Maintenance The performance of the battery depends on the way the bat- tery is treated.
  • Page 19: Battery Disposal

    Caution battery contacts. The HC700-L cradles will charge the battery most effectively when it is at room temperature [approx. 68°F (20° C)]. Recom- mended battery charging temperature range is 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C).
  • Page 20: Using The Hc700-L

    Status LED (inside the Power but- ton) is red. Turning Off Turn off the HC700-L when not in use for long duration and when charging is not available. To turn off the HC700-L perform the following:...
  • Page 21: The Status Led

    HC700-L power status. Main Menu Figure 5. HC700-L - Status LED The LED indications are not identical and have different meaning when the HC700-L is used outside of the cradle and when docked in the cradle.
  • Page 22 LED indications when HC700-L is used out of the cradle Table 1: Status LED Indications When HC700-L is used out of the Cradle LED Indication Description Slowly flashing green HC700-L is in Suspend mode Fast flashing green HC700-L display is off...
  • Page 23: The Application Led

    The Application LED The Application LED may be used for any kind of application notification. For example; the LED may show communication indication when the application establishes connection with a host computer or indicate an alert that needs to be handled. For more information, refer to your software application guide and the HC700 Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Page 24: Using The Keypad

    Using the Keypad The HC700-L keypad enables the user to enter both alpha- betic and numeric data to the software application. However, since the keypad can only contain a limited number of keys, some special keys are assigned to perform special tasks that are usually found on full-size computer keyboards.
  • Page 25 Key Assignment Table 3: HC700-L - Key Assignment Function Use the <TAB> key when editing text. Use the <ESC> key to exit from a menu or an application. Main Scan/Picture Button is used for scanning images/taking pictures (refer to “Scan- ning Barcodes and Capturing Images”...
  • Page 26 (see page 17). The Application <P1> and <P2> keys function- ality is set by the software application running on the HC700-L. To learn more about these keys, consult the software application guide. To set the Application key functionality, go to:...
  • Page 27: Direct Action Keys

    Direct Action Keys The direct action keys enable the user a quick access to basic operations of the HC700-L without exploring the HC700-L software programs. Screen Backlight Adjustment The screen backlight can be adjusted by holding down the <SHIFT> key and pressing the up or down bumps increase or decrease the screen backlight.
  • Page 28: Scanning Barcodes And Capturing Images

    The imager captures digital images, such as signatures, text or pictures of any object or paper form. The images are stored in the HC700-L memory. CLASS 1 LED PRODUCT IEC 60825-1 ED 1.2:2001...
  • Page 29 1. Run the Bcr barcode reader application: Start Menu- >Programs->Sample Applications->Bcr. 2. Aim and hold the HC700-L at 2 to 12 inches (5 to 30 cm) distance from the target. 3. Press one of the Scan keys and aim the green aiming bar towards the target to adjust your position.
  • Page 30: Resetting The Hc700-L

    Resetting the HC700-L You may need to reset the HC700-L; for example, you may need to reset due to communication cut-off, or if the operat- ing system or the application stops responding. If the HC700-L stops responding, perform the following steps:...
  • Page 31: Mini Sd Memory Card

    • Protect the HC700-L from temperature extremes. Do not leave the HC700-L on the dashboard of a car on a hot day, and keep the HC700-L away from hot places. • Do not store or use the HC700-L in any location that is extremely dusty, damp or wet.
  • Page 32: Cleaning

    Caution Cleaning Materials To clean the HC700-L, use Chemical Pure grade (C.P) “Isopro- pyl Alcohol (IPA)” also named “Iso Propanol”. You may use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) manufactured by Merck, Riedel-de Haen, or any other reputable chemical manufac- turer.
  • Page 33: First Time Connection

    HC700-L software driver (wceusbsh.inf) provided with this product. Routine Connection Just hook the USB cable from the HC700-L to your PC - the ActiveSync icon will become green and a Partnership window will show. Check the Guest Partnership and click Next to popup the ActiveSync program.
  • Page 34 Table 4: Troubleshooting the HC700-L Problem Cause Solution Battery does HC700-L is not Re-install the HC700-L in not charge in locked in the the HC700-L Cradle. Place HC700-L Cra- HC700-L Cradle the HC700-L properly in HC700-L Cradle. (Verify that the HC700-L Cradle LED is...
  • Page 35 Table 4: Troubleshooting the HC700-L Problem Cause Solution HC700-L Problem in the Ensure proper battery does not HC700-L oper- installation in HC700-L. respond ating system or Charge or replace the bat- communica- tery tions network Execute Warm Reset “Resetting the HC700-L” on page 20.
  • Page 36 Index Numerics 4-Way Navigation Key 15 Back-Light Adjustment 17 Battery Maintenance 8 battery snap 7 battery temperature range 8 body-worn devices 1 Capture Position 19 Capturing Images 18 charging temperature 9 Cleaning 22 Cleaning Procedure 22 Cold Reset 20 deep sleep 10 dense symbol 19 Depth-of-Field 19 Disposal 9...
  • Page 37 Local Area Network 1 Mini SD Card 21 Navigation Key Panel 5 package 2 Personal Digital Assistant 1 Pocket PC® 1 Power Button 10 Prevent Injury 9 red ambient light 18 Resetting 20 Routine Battery Charge 8 Scanning Barcodes 18 Shift 14 single slot battery charger 6 Status LED 10...
  • Page 38 Visit our Web site at: MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are regis- tered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the prop- erty of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2005.

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