Cleaning The Inside; Drain Hole; Care And Cleaning - GE ZDBR240 Owner's Manual

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Unplug the beverage center before
cleaning. If the unit is in a built-in location,
the inside
remove power at the circuit breaker. Use a
slightly damp cloth or sponge when cleaning
around switches, lights or controls.
about a tablespoon (15 ml) of baking soda to
a quart (1 liter) of water. This both cleans and
neutralizes odors. Thoroughly rinse and
wipe dry.
Other parts of the beverage center unit
including the door gaskets, full extension
the same way.

Drain hole

Periodically check the drain hole and
channel for any debris. If the drain is blocked,
condensation will not drain properly.
To check and clean the drain hole, remove
the bottom two glass shelves. Sweep a damp
cloth along the channel in the back of the
beverage center. Use a finger to sweep
away any debris from the drain hole.

Care and Cleaning

shelves with hot water because the extreme
temperature difference may cause them to
break. Handle glass shelves carefully. Rough
handling of tempered glass can cause it to
tablettes de verre avec de l'eau très chaude
lorsqu'elles sont froides puisque les écarts
de température importants peuvent causer
leur bris. Manipulez les tablettes de verre
avec précaution. Une manipulation brusque
du verre trempé peut causer son éclatement.
Appearance may vary
Beverage Center
Avoid cleaning cold glass
Évitez de nettoyez les
Drain hole

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Table of Contents

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