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Monogram beverage center
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The bottom two full extension drawers hold
five bottles each and are loaded with necks
tips and
facing the rear. Tall bottles should not be
loaded on the bottom drawer because they
may prevent the door from closing.
• Do not block the thermistor, located on
NOTE: This unit is for storing beverages
only and not intended for the storage of
perishable foods.
The bottom full extension drawers pull
out so bottles can conveniently be added
or removed.
The upper full extension slide can be
removed for magnums or larger bottles.
To remove:
1. Pull the full extension drawer out to the
2. Push the tab on right drawer guide down
To replace:
1. Push the drawer slide arm back into
2. Pull the small slide sub-assembly
3. Insert the sides of the drawer back
4. Push until the tabs lock into place.
The full extension drawer fronts on the
beverage center are unfinished cherry wood.
During use, oil from hands may accumulate
and stain the wood.
• The drawer fronts may be stained and
the right-hand side, just above the third
shelf of the beverage center. Blocking the
thermistor could impair the air circulation
and temperature control.
STOP position.
while pulling the tab on left guide up, and
pull the drawer out.
the unit.
completely forward.
into the guides.
sealed to match adjacent cabinetry. The
tinted glass will make the stained wood
appear darker. A true color match can be
seen only when the door is opened.
Controls and Features
Appearance may vary
To replace, push drawer slide
arm back into unit
NOTE: Make sure the tabs on the full
extension drawer guides are fully engaged
before loading any bottles. Pull the drawers
out all the way to the STOP position and
push back in several times to make sure
locking tabs are properly engaged.
• Apply the stain and sealer according to
the manufacturer's instructions. To avoid
unpleasant odor, keep the door open to
ventilate and allow the stain/sealer to dry
completely before using the product.
NOTE: Natural wood may vary slightly in
grain and color.
Beverage Center
Bottom drawer arrangement
Tab (push tab down on right
drawer guide, pull tab up on
left drawer guide)
Pull small slide sub-assembly
completely forward

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