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For your
Unplug the beverage center before cleaning. If the unit is in a built-in location,
remove power at the circuit breaker.
Débranchez le centre des breuvages avant le nettoyage. Si l'appareil est encastré,
coupez le courant au disjoncteur.
The exterior surfaces can be washed with
mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with
the outside
clear water. Never use abrasive scouring
Glass door
Use a glass cleaner or mild soap and water
and a soft cloth to clean the glass door.
Do not use any abrasive powders.

Door gasket

The vinyl gasket may be cleaned with mild
soap and water, a baking soda solution or
a mild scouring powder. Rinse well.
Light bulb
Unplug the beverage center before
replacing the light bulb. If the unit is
in a built-in location, remove power
at the circuit breaker.
In the event
If the power fails, open the door as
infrequently as possible to maintain
of a power
the temperature.
Secure all loose items such as shelves and
drawers by taping them securely in place to
to move
prevent damage.
Electrical Shock Hazard.
Risque de choc électrique.
Care and Cleaning
Do not use scouring pads, powdered
cleaners, bleach or cleaners containing
bleach because these products can scratch
and damage the finish.
Warranty does not cover damage due to
improper cleaning methods.
After cleaning the door gasket, apply a thin
layer of paraffin wax or petroleum jelly to
the door gasket at the hinge side. This helps
keep the gasket from sticking and bending
out of shape.
To remove the light shield, push in the tab
on the left side of the shield and lower it.
Replace with a 15 watt appliance bulb or
a 4.5 watt UL Listed LED Lamp or call 800.
GE.CARES (800.492.2737) during normal
business hours to order service part'..
Be sure the beverage center stays in an
upright position during moving.
Beverage Center

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