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User's Guide
The features described in this User's Guide are subject to modifications without prior notice.


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    User’s Guide REMOTE TRAINING SYSTEM Model: SCOUTTRAINER25 The features described in this User's Guide are subject to modifications without prior notice.

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    9 levels of static correction from gentle to firm. Please retain your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your Motorola product, you will need to provide a copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status. Registration is not required for warranty coverage.

  • Page 3

    Overview of the Pet Collar Unit 1 2 3 Pair Key Indicator LED Lights up in green for 3 seconds when the unit is powered on and flashes slowly during standby. Lights up in red when battery is low. Flashes quickly in green and red when delivering static correction.

  • Page 4

    Overview of the Remote Control Unit Display (LCD screen) Static Correction Key Up Key Press and hold to deliver static Correction Mode: Increase level correction to the Pet Collar Unit. Menu Mode: Move up Antenna Down Key Power Key Correction Mode: Decrease level Press and hold to power ON/OFF.

  • Page 5

    Symbols on the Remote Control Unit Battery level on Remote Control Unit. Pet Collar Number. Displays the selected STATIC CORRECTION LEVEL (Level 0 to 9). When 0 is displayed, only tone alerts are sent to the Pet Collar Unit. Displays when TONE KEY is pressed.

  • Page 6

    How the Remote Training System works The Training System comes with a Remote Control Unit that is paired with the Pet Collar Unit. At the push of the STATIC CORRECTION KEY on the Remote Control Unit, a signal is sent to the Pet Collar Unit, which delivers static correction to your dog to assist you with shaping and modifying its behavior.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 1. Safety Instructions ..................8 2. Getting Started..................9 Insert Batteries on the Remote Control Unit ..........9 Attach the Adjustable Strap to the Pet Collar Unit ........10 Insert and Remove Battery on the Pet Collar Unit ........10 Fit the Pet Collar Unit on your Dog’s Neck ..........

  • Page 8: Safety Instructions

    1. Safety Instructions WARNING: As with any electrical device, supervision of your pet’s usage should be exercised until your pet is acclimated to the product. If your pet is prone to chewing, we strongly recommend you keep this and all other electrical devices out of its reach. RISK OF SKIN DAMAGE •...

  • Page 9: Getting Started

    2. Getting Started Insert Batteries on the Remote Control Unit The Remote Control Unit uses 2x AAA-sized alkaline batteries. Small cross-head or flat end screwdriver. 1. Use a small cross-head or flat end screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment cover as shown above. 2.

  • Page 10: Attach The Adjustable Strap To The Pet Collar Unit

    Attach the Adjustable Strap to the Pet Collar Unit IMPORTANT Power off the Pet Collar Unit before attaching the strap. 1. Set the Pet Collar Unit facing down with the Collar Contacts facing up. 2. With the front side of the buckle facing down, thread the strap through the first slot, moving it towards the second slot.

  • Page 11: Battery Life

    Negative pole (-) of the CR2450 battery should be facing upwards. 3. Close the battery compartment cover and gently tighten the screw in a clockwise direction using a small cross-head or flat end screwdriver. Battery Life The average battery life is up to 3 months, depending on how often your dog barks.

  • Page 12: Fit The Pet Collar Unit On Your Dog's Neck

    3. Put the strap over your dog’s neck, centering the Pet Collar Unit underneath its neck and making sure that the Motorola logo is upright facing you. 4. String the end of the strap through the strap buckle. 5. Pull the end of the strap until the desired level of...

  • Page 13: Trim Away Excess Strap Length

    NOTE The Pet Collar Unit should fit snugly on your dog’s neck so that you can only fit two fingers underneath it. It should not be able to rotate around the neck. If necessary, trim some of your dog’s hair where the collar makes contact with the skin to allow for consistent performance.

  • Page 14: Change Collar Contacts

    Change Collar Contacts IMPORTANT • Power off the Pet Collar Unit before changing collar contacts. • Make sure that the collar contacts are securely fastened. Do not over tighten. Included with the Training System are Collar Contacts in three different lengths (short, medium and long) that deliver static correction to your dog.

  • Page 15: Using The Test Light

    3. To ensure that the Collar Contacts are securely fastened, fit the test light over the Collar Contacts and twist clock-wise to tighten them securely as shown below. Twist clockwise to tighten the Collar Contacts securely. Using the Test Light You can use the Test Light that is supplied with your Remote Training System to test if the Remote Control Unit is sending static correction to the Pet Collar Unit.

  • Page 16: Using The Pet Collar Unit

    3. Using the Pet Collar Unit Powering On/Off the Pet Collar Unit To power on, press and hold the POWER KEY on the Pet Collar Unit. The Power LED will light up in green for 5 seconds. To power off, press and hold the POWER KEY on the Pet Collar Unit until the green Power LED light goes off.

  • Page 17: Training Your Dog With The Remote Training System

    4. Training Your Dog with the Remote Training System Whether you’re hoping to provide your dog more freedom at the park or trying to solve frustrating behavior problems, your new Training System provides a quick and easy training solution. To get the most from your Training System, carefully follow these instructions.

  • Page 18: Deliver Static Correction

    Deliver Static Correction 1. Press and hold the STATIC CORRECTION KEY on the Remote Control Unit. 2. Press to increase the level of correction or press to decrease. The number beside the symbol on the screen indicates the current level of correction. indicates that the current level of correction is 8.

  • Page 19: When To Increase Level Of Static Correction

    When to Increase Level of Static Correction When you are trying to change your dog’s behavior around a heavy distraction where your dog is too excited to feel the TRAINING LEVEL described above, such as jumping on a visitor at the door, you will need to increase the correction level 2 or 3 levels higher than the TRAINING LEVEL.

  • Page 20: Training Tips

    5. Training Tips Use only the static correction level necessary to get the desired response. • In most circumstances, your dog should never yelp in discomfort or pain. • Reserve the highest settings for critical, dangerous or life threatening behaviors such as running towards a traffic. After stopping an inappropriate behavior, immediately direct your dog to an appropriate behavior followed by a reward.

  • Page 21

    Teaching your dog the “Sit” command. 1. Put a separate collar on your dog’s neck above the Pet Collar Unit, without adding pressure to the Collar Contacts on the Pet Collar Unit. 2. Attach a long leash to the separate collar. 3.

  • Page 22: Disposal Of The Device (environment)

    6. Disposal of the Device (Environment) At the end of the product lifecycle, you should not dispose of this product with normal household waste. Take this product to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. The symbol on the product, user's guide and/or box indicates this.

  • Page 23: Cleaning And Care

    7. Cleaning and Care IMPORTANT Power off the Pet Collar Unit before touching the Collar Contacts. Cleaning and care • Check Collar Contacts for tightness weekly. • Clean Collar Contacts with alcohol weekly. • Check your dog’s neck area for irritation and wash neck weekly. •...

  • Page 24: Frequently Asked Questions

    8. Frequently Asked Questions Will the Remote Training System be effective on my dog? • The Training System is designed to be a convenient and effective training device on all healthy breeds and sizes. However, it should not be used on aggressive dogs.

  • Page 25

    What is the range of operation of the Remote Training System? • The range of operation is up to 460 feet* line of sight. It varies according to the position you are holding the Remote Control Unit, the weather, terrain, transmission from other radio devices, etc.

  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    9. Troubleshooting When your dog does not seem to respond to the Static Correction • Make sure that the Pet Collar Unit is properly fitted on your dog. Loosely fitted collar will affect performance. For proper fit, the collar should be snug, yet loose enough to allow two fingers to fit between the strap and your dog's neck.

  • Page 27: General Information

    US and Canada 1-888-331-3383 Email: Consumer Products and Accessories Limited Warranty Thank you for purchasing this Motorola branded product manufactured under license by Binatone Electronics International LTD (“BINATONE”). What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, BINATONE warrants that this Motorola branded product (“Product”) or certified accessory (“Accessory”)

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    (c) use of the Products or Accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of MOTOROLA or BINATONE, are excluded from coverage.

  • Page 30

    (b) broken seals or that show evidence of tampering; (c) mismatched board serial numbers; or (d) nonconforming or non-Motorola branded housings, or parts, are excluded from coverage. Communication Services. Defects, damages, or the failure of Products or Accessories due to any communication service or signal you may subscribe to or use with the Products or Accessories is excluded from coverage.

  • Page 31

    FCC, ACTA and Industry Canada (IC) regulations WARNING Changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. NOTE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

  • Page 32: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications RF Frequency Band 434.05MHz Modulation Amplitude Shift Keying Operating Temperature 5ºC to 45ºC Remote Control Unit Voltage 2x1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery Collar Unit Voltage CR2450 Lithium Battery 3.0V Water Resistance IP54 Compliance FCC Part 15, ICES-003 General Information...

  • Page 33

    MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved. US_EN Version 6.0 Printed in China...

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