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Positioning Your Wine And Beverage Cooler; Handle Installation - NewAir AWB-360DB Owner's Manual

Wine & beverage cooler
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The appliance must be installed with all electrical, water and drain
connections in accordance with state and local codes.
Make certain that the pipes are not pinched, kinked or damaged during
installation. Check for leaks after connection.
NOTE: Designed for indoor, home use only. The appliance should not be
located next to sources of high heat or in direct sunlight. Do not store or
install the appliance outdoors, in a garage, basement or in moist areas.
Don't install in a location where the temperature will fall below 60℉. For
best performance and to ensure proper ventilation, do not install the
appliance behind a cabinet door or block the base grille.


It is important for the appliance to be leveled in order to work properly.
You may need to make several adjustments to level it.
To level your appliance, adjust the front legs at the bottom of the
When positioning the appliance, ensure that there is at least a 1/4 inch
clearance at the sides and a 1 inch clearance at the back of the cooler as
this is the main outlet for heat. This will allow for adequate ventilation.


Pull away the door gasket in the area where the handle is to be installed.
The gasket is easily removed by hand, no tools are necessary.
Insert the two (2) Phillips head screws with the lock washers and flat
washers through the gasket side of the door frame until the screws pass
through the door frame. Follow the sequence shown in the figure.
Align the handle with the screws installed in the above step. Tighten the
screws using a Phillips head screwdriver until the handles secure tightly
against the door frame. (Do NOT over tighten as this will cause damage to
the handle assembly).
Replace the door gasket to its original position.
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