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Setting The Temperature; Storing Wine - NewAir AWB-360DB Owner's Manual

Wine & beverage cooler
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Used to decrease the corresponding zone set temperature by 1℃ or 1℉.
℃/℉ Selector
Selects the temperature display setting to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


The left zone temperature can be set between 36°and 72℉, and the right
zone temperature can be set between 36°and 72℉.
The temperature will increase by 1℃ or 1℉ if you touch UP
the temperature will decrease by 1℃ or 1℉ you touch DOWN
To view the set temperature at any time, touch the UP or DOWN marks.
The set temperature will temporarily flash in the LED display for 5 seconds.
The internal storage temperature will appear in blue on the temperature
display window.
NOTE: If the unit is unplugged, turned off, or power is lost, you must wait 3
to 5 minutes before restarting the unit. If you attempt to restart before this
time delay the unit will not start. When you use the unit for the first time or
restart the unit after having been shut off for a long time, there could be a
few degrees variance between the temperature you select and the one
indicated on the LED readout. This is normal and it is due to the length of the
activation time. Once the unit is running for a few hours everything will


Many bottles may differ in size and dimensions. The actual number of bottles
you are able to store may vary. You can place 18 standard bottles in each zone
(or 58 12oz-cans in the beverage zone). Bottle capacities are approximate
maximums when storing traditional Bordeaux 750ML bottles and include bulk
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