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Safety Information & Warnings - NewAir AWB-360DB Owner's Manual

Wine & beverage cooler
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Before Using Your Wine And Beverage Cooler for the First Time:
Carefully read all instructions before using this wine and beverage cooler for
the first time. Also make sure the wine and beverage cooler stays in an upright
position during transportation. After removing the appliance from its
packaging, make sure it is in good condition. If there are any issues with the
wine and beverage cooler, please contact us immediately.
Place the appliance on a level floor surface that will be strong enough
to support it when it is at full capacity. To level the wine and beverage
cooler adjust the leveling feet located at the bottom of the appliance.
Do not use this wine and beverage cooler in applications for which it is
not intended. Damage that occurs from improper use or from
unauthorized repairs will void the warranty.
For proper air circulation, please maintain a 2-inch minimum clearance
in between the back of the wine and beverage cooler and the wall.
Do not operate this wine and beverage cooler in excessively moist or
humid environments.
Keep the wine and beverage cooler away from direct sunlight.
Keep the wine and beverage cooler away from hazardous materials or
combustible/flammable substances.
This wine and beverage cooler is designed for built-in or freestanding
DANGER: RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT: An empty wine and beverage
cooler can be dangerous to children. Remove any latches, lids, locks,
and/or doors from unused or discarded appliances to prevent child
entrapment and suffocation. Never allow children to operate, play
with or crawl inside this appliance.

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