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NewAir AWB-360DB Owner's Manual

Wine & beverage cooler
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Wine & Beverage Cooler
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  Summary of Contents for NewAir AWB-360DB

  • Page 1 AWB-360DB Wine & Beverage Cooler OWNERS MANUAL Read and save these instructions.
  • Page 2 Count on NewAir. As a proud NewAir owner, welcome to our family. There are no robots here, real people shipped your product and real people are here to help you.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Setting The Temperature ................9 Storing Wine ....................9 Door Lock ....................10 Shelves ....................... 10 Cleaning & Maintenance ..................11 Troubleshooting ....................11 Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty ..............13 SPECIFICATIONS AWB-360DB ODEL 120 Volts OLTAGE 2.0 Amps URRENT 60Hz REQUENCY...
  • Page 4: Safety Information & Warnings

    DANGER: RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT: An empty wine and beverage cooler can be dangerous to children. Remove any latches, lids, locks, and/or doors from unused or discarded appliances to prevent child entrapment and suffocation. Never allow children to operate, play with or crawl inside this appliance.
  • Page 5: Parts List

  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    Even for built-in installation, you must keep space on each side and at the top. If you plan to use the unit for a built-in application please follow the requirements shown below. Cabinet Opening Dimensions (minimum) Width 24” Depth 25” Height 35”
  • Page 7: Positioning Your Wine And Beverage Cooler

     The appliance must be installed with all electrical, water and drain connections in accordance with state and local codes.  Make certain that the pipes are not pinched, kinked or damaged during installation. Check for leaks after connection. NOTE: Designed for indoor, home use only. The appliance should not be located next to sources of high heat or in direct sunlight.
  • Page 8: Operating Instructions

    Power Powers on/off the appliance. To turn off the appliance, touch the mark and hold 5 seconds. Light To control the interior light to turn on/off. Used to increase the corresponding zone set temperature by 1℃ or 1℉. Down
  • Page 9: Setting The Temperature

    Used to decrease the corresponding zone set temperature by 1℃ or 1℉. ℃/℉ Selector Selects the temperature display setting to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius. SETTING THE TEMPERATURE  The left zone temperature can be set between 36°and 72℉, and the right zone temperature can be set between 36°and 72℉.
  • Page 10: Door Lock

    To ensure maximum performance and efficiency, be sure to place your wine and beverage cooler in an area where there is proper air circulation. Also make sure the plumbing and electrical connections are correct.  For proper internal air circulation, do not overfill your wine and beverage
  • Page 11: Cleaning & Maintenance

    cooler.  Do not place the unit in direct sunlight.  Do not place heated beverages in your wine and beverage cooler.  Do not store perishable food in your wine and beverage cooler. The unit’s interior temperature may not be low enough to prevent spoilage. ...
  • Page 12 Frost is building There is excess Turn the unit off, unplug it up in the unit. humidity or the interior and remove the frost temperature is too low. manually. Reconnect once the ice has thawed.
  • Page 13: Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

    When making a warranty claim, please have the original bill of purchase with purchase date available. Once confirmed that your appliance is eligible for warranty service, all repairs will be performed by a NewAir™ authorized repair facility. The purchaser will be responsible for any removal or transportation costs.