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Checking The Contents Of The Consignment - Fujitsu L20T-1 ECO Getting Started

20" wide lcd display
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Checking the contents of the consignment

Should you discover that the delivery does not correspond to the delivery note, notify your local sales
outlet immediately.
Edition 2
Downloaded from Manuals
The display surface of the LCD monitor is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Always hold
the device by the casing!
Unpack all the individual parts.
Check the delivery for damage incurred during transportation.
Check whether the delivery agrees with the details in the delivery note.
The complete LCD monitor package includes:
one monitor
data cable
one power cable
one Warranty Booklet
this "Getting Started" manual
We recommend that you keep the original packaging material. You may need the
packaging in the future if you need to transport your device.
LCD monitor
English - 5

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