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Displaying Information - Fujitsu B23T-6 LED Operating Manual

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Setting functions in the Advanced menu
Input select
Factory Recall

Displaying information

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Call up the Advanced setting window
Selecting the input signal
This function allows you to switch the monitor from analogue to digital mode
and vice versa, when several signal sources are connected.
This requires that the graphic card used supports this function.
Activation/deactivation of the DDC-CI
On = The DDC-CI function is enabled (standard setting)
Off = The DDC-CI function is disabled
Enable/disable ACR function
On = The ACR function is enabled
Off = The ACR function is disabled (default setting)
Activating the factory settings
With this function all settings are reset to the factory settings without
prompting for confirmation.
Press the
button to activate the function. The message Auto
Processing is displayed.
Call the Information setting window
This function displays the model designation, serial number, resolution, H/V
frequency and ECO mode.

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